Honda Accord Air Suspension - What Do I Need?

The Honda Accord is one of the most common vehicles on the road due to its reliability, excellent fuel economy, and perfect size with four doors. While this has been a favorite of everyday consumers, it has also become very popular in the car community to modify. With the abundance of Accords on the road, picking one up cheap is fairly simple, and the aftermarket has shown great support for upgrades. While it is not as sought after as the famous Honda Civic, it is still modded quite often. 

One of the most popular modifications for the Honda Accord is air suspension. While you can buy all-in-one air suspension kits for the Accord, many choose to piece them together to create a specific kit for their needs. Today, we will list everything you need for your Honda Accord air suspension system.

Do Honda Accords Have Air Suspension?

From the factory, Honda did not supply the Accord with air suspension. Instead, it was equipped with your standard MacPherson strut assembly and independent rear suspension setup to maintain great driveability and comfort. While this was great for daily driving, it allowed plenty of opportunities to upgrade the suspension.

What Do I Need To Add Air Suspension To My Honda Accord?

If you want to bag your Honda Accord, you must purchase an all-in-one kit or piecing together a kit using quality components such as AccuAir’s air management system and ENDO tank.

Air Compressor

The air compressor or compressors is the first thing you want to consider when building your Honda Accord air suspension system. The air compressor in an air suspension system brings in outside air, compresses it, and allows it to be used in the system. Most systems will use one of two compressors to supply air into the air tank quickly.

Air Tank

The air tank in an air suspension system is where your compressed air is stored until it is ready to be used. The air tank connects to the compressor and to the valve manifold. Air tanks are usually sold in 3 or 5-gallon configurations and come in various setups. We offer some of the best air suspension tanks in the industry under our ENDO tank series. These air tanks are modular to allow you to upgrade the tank later down the road.

Air Lines

To move air throughout the system, you will need plenty of air lines. Think of air lines as the veins of your air suspension system. They carry air from your air tank to each air strut. Routed inside and outside of your vehicle, air lines are installed carefully to reduce rubbing or chafing. You can purchase air suspension air line in 50ft rolls to get your entire system done at once.

Valve Manifold

The valve manifold is an intricate part of your air suspension system as it houses the valves which open and close to meter air through your system. This manifold lives between the air tank and the air struts and is usually neatly displayed in most trunk setups. The valve manifold connects to the air management system. It receives an electrical signal to open and close the valve, which sends air to the appropriate air strut to raise or lower your vehicle.

Management System

The management system is one of the most vital parts of your air suspension kit. The air suspension management system will control your air suspension kit to allow you to electronically raise and lower your vehicle. Some people choose to go the old school route with switches, but there are plenty of opportunities to make your system more modern for quicker and easier adjustments. AccuAir is an industry-leading manufacturer of management systems for air suspension and offers kits that allow for wireless, Bluetooth, and preset adjustability at the push of a button. 

Air Struts/Shocks

When converting your Honda Accord to air suspension, you will need to replace your factory shocks, struts, and coil springs with air struts. Air struts look similar to factory struts, but a rubber bladder that fills with air takes the place of traditional coil springs. These air struts are vehicle-specific for a quick, easy, bolt-in replacement.

Water Traps/Filters

When dealing with compressed air, you must consider moisture buildup as the compressed air cools. This is similar to an air compressor you would use in a shop. In vehicle air suspension systems, this moisture can settle in the air tank or air lines, causing rust or damage. A water trap or filter can be installed to trap the water before it enters your air tank. While this is optional, it is highly recommended to save on future repairs.

Ride Height Sensors

Another non-vital part, ride height sensors, are an optional addition that can save you time and make airing up or down much easier. Ride height sensors are electrical sensors that determine the current height of your vehicle. Using this information, you can preset your favorite ride heights to quickly get aired out, ride height, or another setting at the push of a button. 

Air Suspension Management For Honda Accord

If you are ready to take your Accord to the next level, literally, AccuAir can help get you the best air suspension system available. Our team can help you build the best Honda Accord air suspension kit that meets your budget and functional needs with a large catalog of high-quality air suspension components. Give us a call today or shoot us an email to talk to one of our air suspension specialists.

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