What Is An Air Suspension Compressor?

An air suspension system will have a few components that work together to air your car up and down.  At the heart of your system is the air compressor. Today, we will look at an air compressor, how many you need, and what compressor will work best for your application.

What Is An Air Suspension Compressor?

An air suspension compressor is a small air compressor that is used to, as you can probably guess, compress air to be used in your air suspension system. These compressors need to be wired into a power source and will usually kick on when you turn your vehicle on and when the air pressure is low in your system. 

Do I Need One Or Two Compressors?

When building out your air suspension system, you must determine whether you want one or two compressors. While one compressor is usually enough for smaller cars, running two compressors can help ensure that you have more than enough air. This is perfect for those who like to use their kit more often than others to ensure you always have a steady supply of compressed air running through your system. 

What Is The Best Air Suspension Compressor?

Since your air compressor is the only way your air suspension system can get air, you will want to ensure you get a high-quality compressor. At AccuAir, we recommend and offer the best air compressors in the industry from ViAIR. ViAIR is one of the leading and most recognizable air suspension compressor companies with an unmatched reputation. Pick up a ViAIR compressor or a pair of compressors in a kit from AccuAir today. 

Our dual ViAIR dual 485c air compressor kit comes with everything you need to install your air compressor in your air suspension system easily. This kit will include:

  • (2) 485C (Platinum or Stealth Black) Compressors w/Thermal Overload Protectors
  • (2) Air Filter Assemblies
  • (2) VIAIR Removable Filter Covers
  • (2) Remote Mount Brackets
  • (2) Sets of Remote Mount Fittings
  • (2) Sets of Spare Air Filter Elements
  • (2) Leader Hose Clips
  • (6) Air Line Clips with Included Hardware
  • (8) Sets of Nuts, Bolts, Washers, and Lock Washers
  • (1) Heavy Duty Tube Style Fuse Holder (Up to 60-Amp fuse)
  • (2) 40-Amp Relays
  • (1) One Pressure Switch (165 PSI on, 200 PSI off)
  • (2) Stainless Steel Braided Leader Hoses with Inline Check Valve
  • Air Line (For Remote Mount Filter Installation)

How Do I Mount My Air Compressor?

The air compressor in your air suspension system must be mounted securely to ensure it works properly and stays upright. Mounting an air compressor will vary from vehicle to vehicle, depending on the mounting surface. Some will be mounted to a wooden board and carpet, while others may be mounted to a truck frame. If you are using an AccuAir ENDO tank, you can use our exclusive mounting brackets to easily mount your air compressor to your air tank for a clean and easy install.

Air Suspension Compressors From AccuAir

If you are looking for the highest-quality air compressors for your air suspension system, look no further than AccuAir. As previously mentioned, we offer ViAIR air compressors that will give you the best compressor for your system. If you have questions regarding your air compressor options, feel free to fill out our contact us form to speak to an air suspension specialist. 

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