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Air Suspension Air Supply

In order to get air to your air suspension setup, you have to have a good air supply system. In air suspension setups, you will have air shocks that raise your vehicle up and down the desired height. This air is supplied from air compressors and stored in a pressurized air tank usually located in the trunk of cars and the bed of trucks. While there are many different air compressors and tanks on the market, going with a high-quality setup will ensure that your air suspension is always getting the air that it needs to perform like it should. AccuAir is a leading developer and supplier in air suspension air supply components. AccuAir is famous for our ENDO series air tanks, available in various sizes and models. AccuAir also offers VIAIR compressors, one of the most trusted and most popular compressor manufacturers on the market. VIAIR air compressors are the workhorse of any air suspension setup as they pump air into the air tank to allow for proper operation. This is an area you definitely do not want to cheap out on and VIAIR is as good as it gets. AccuAir offers single and dual compressors kits to make for a perfect match no matter what size system you are having to power. Each kit comes with all of the needed fittings and hardware to get them installed into your system.

What Does An Air Compressor Do In An Air Suspension System?

The air compressor in an air ride suspension kit is what supplies the entire system with air. The compressor works similarly to the air compressor you have in your garage as it compresses surrounding air to be used in your system, just on a smaller scale. The air compressor connects to your air tank via air hoses to store the compressed air before heading to the valve block. The air compressor takes a reading from the air tank and will kick back on when more air is needed for your system.

What Does An Air Tank Do In An Air Suspension System?

The air tank in an air ride system stores the compressed air generated by the compressor. They are usually offered in 3-gallon or 5-gallon configurations and built using steel or aluminum. The air tank receives air from the compressor and holds it until the solenoid valve opens, releasing air to the air strut and raising your vehicle. Since compressed air generates heat, as it cools, you can have moisture develop in your air tank. It is very important that you maintain your air tank frequently to ensure water does not build up in the tank and spread to other parts of your system.

Do I Need A 3-Gallon Or 5-Gallon Air Tank?

When picking an air tank for your air suspension system, you must pick one that fits your vehicle and your system. The overall size of the air tank will need to be considered if you are mounting it in an area with very little room. If you are mounting it in your truck and have a subwoofer box, you may need to find a size that best matches your available space. If you have a larger trunk, you can usually fit a larger air tank to store enough air for using your air suspension system more often without waiting on your compressor. You will also need to consider the size of your air suspension system. For those who are using the suspension system every now and then, such as a show car, a 3-gallon tank might suffice. For those who will be using their air suspension system quite often, a 5-gallon tank should be used to allow more air to air up and down more quickly.

How Many Compressors Do I Need?

While you may have seen someone running a single compressor setup, each of our kits comes with dual VIAIR compressors. By running two compressors, you can generate more air quicker than you could with just a single compressor. When running air suspension, most people are going to want to air up as quickly as possible. This requires a quick-acting system, and a two-compressor setup delivers just that. If you are only using your air suspension system on rare occasions, you might be able to get by with a single compressor setup. Still, at AccuAir, we always suggest running two compressors to make things much easier.