What Is An Air Suspension Air Tank?

In an air suspension system, the air tank will be the component that holds and stores compressed air that is used to raise your vehicle. The air compressor, or compressors, pump air into the air tank where it is stored until you air up. These air tanks can be found in many shapes and sizes with most coming in a 3 gallon or 5 gallon size. These tanks will usually be outfitted with mounting brackets and valves to easily hook up your air suspension system air lines. 

What Is An Air Suspension Air Tank?

What Size Tank Do I Need For Air Suspension?

One of the most common questions surrounding air suspension air tanks is: “what size tank do I need for my air suspension kit?” Most air suspension systems are going to utilize a 3 gallon or 5 gallon air tank. The size you will need will depend on how often you plan on using your air suspension and the type/quantity of air compressor you are using. If you plan on airing out every chance you get, you may want to get a 5 gallon tank to store more air for quicker operation. You may also take into consideration the amount of space you have for your tank as you may not have the space for a larger tank. Our ENDO tanks are offered in 3 gallon and 5 gallon options.

Steel Vs Aluminum Air Tank

When it comes to the construction of an air tank, you are going to find that most are made from steel or aluminum. The most common and least expensive air tanks will be made from steel. While this seems like a great, budget friendly option, steel can rust when exposed to water or condensation. Condensation can build in the tank once hot air is pumped into it and it has time to cool, leading to rust development. Rust can cause tank ruptures, so it is best to find steel air tanks that have been powder coated on the inside to prevent rust.

Aluminum air tanks are a little more expensive, but you are getting a lighter tank that won’t rust. Aluminum air tanks are going to be the best air tanks money can buy when it comes to air suspension and are usually better looking as well. All AccuAir ENDO tanks are going to be made from aluminum and certified to 200psi and tested to 1324 burst pressure.

AccuAir ENDO Series Tanks

AccuAir is the industry-leading provider of air suspension air tank’s in the industry. Our air tanks have been meticulously engineered and manufactured to utilize the latest technology and innovative designs. These ENDO tanks are currently offered in 2 different configurations to allow you to get the perfect setup for your air suspension setup and budget. These tanks are also built to be upgradeable without fabrication. Let’s take a closer look at our ENDO tanks and see which is going to be the best air suspension tank for your system.


AccuAir’s ENDO-TankTM is the backbone of the ENDO platform and although it is the simplest product in the line, it’s features and quality make it the perfect centerpiece to an air management system and will be ready for modular upgrade when you are. Extruded from aerospace grade aluminum and assembled with ultra-high-strength bolts, this weldless tank is proven to be free from leaks in addition to having precision machined fit and finish. Flush ports and mounting points are CNC-machined directly into the patent pending aluminum body. Modular construction allows the end-caps to be removed allowing for never before imagined feature combinations to go inside the tank when you’re ready to upgrade. ENDO-TTM can be upgraded to VT at any time.


AccuAir’s patent pending ENDO-VTTM takes streamlined appearance to an entirely new level by integrating the solenoid valves and manifold directly into the air tank end caps themselves. The ENDO-VTTM also represents AccuAir’s next generation of solenoid valve technology that includes VFCTM (variable flow control) in addition to D.O.T. approved fully filtered and rebuild-able FFPTCTM (fully-filtered push-to-connect) fittings.

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