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Air Suspension Kits

Air suspension kits can be pieced together or bought in an all-in-one air suspension package. Here at AccuAir, we give you the option of being able to buy each component you need individually or in one of our easy-to-use air suspension kits. If you are looking to add air ride to your vehicle, choose an AccuAir air suspension kit for easy air suspension management and performance. Each of our air suspension kits will include an air suspension tank and your choice of an air suspension controller. These air suspension kits will still require you to purchase lines, fittings, struts, airbags/springs, shocks, and manifolds to finish up your suspension. This allows you to pair up our high-quality air suspension components and controllers with your favorite air ride struts and accessories to help build the best air suspension kits. Choose from a starter package, premium package, or an ultimate package to outfit your air suspension setup on your vehicle. Our Air Suspension Starter Package includes our e+ connect ECU+, wireless switch box, & e-Level+app. You will also get an ENDO-VT valve integrated air tank. This is a perfect kit for those who are wanting to get their feet wet with air suspension without breaking the bank. Our Air Suspension Premium Package includes our e+ connect ECU+, wireless switch box, & e-Level+app. You will also get an ENDO-VT valve integrated air tank. You will also get our e+TruPosition Height Sensors to get your height adjusted just where you want it every time. Our Air Suspension Ultimate Package includes our e+ connect ECU+, wireless switch box, & e-Level+app. You will also get the popular e+Touchpad and an ENDO-VT in this package at no additional cost. Lastly, we have added in TruPostion Height Sensors to allow you to adjust your ride height to the exact position you want every time. Each of these kits are pre-built and will allow for some customization with additional add-ons. These kits have been built to allow you to get your air suspension management completed correctly.

What Comes In An Air Ride Suspension Kit?

Air suspension kits come in various options with various components to fit your specific needs. You can choose from the most economical kits, which will include the bare minimum parts to get your car on air, or the ultimate air suspension kits that feature all of the latest air suspension technology to make your kit super easy to use.

Most air ride suspension kits are going to feature the following parts as part of a basic package:

You can upgrade your kit with available add-ons such as:

  • Upgraded Management Systems (W/Bluetooth)
  • Height Sensors
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Larger Compressors

Our AccuAir air suspension kits will feature everything you need, minus the air struts. We carry a full line of air suspension air struts for various vehicles to help complete your entire system.

How Do I Choose The Best Air Ride Suspension Kit For Me?

Finding the right air suspension kit for your vehicle can be intimidating, but there are a few things to remember when choosing an air suspension system.

Budget - When deciding on an air suspension system, it is important to consider your budget. The larger and more inclusive the kit is, the more it will cost. However, the more inclusive kits will allow for more functionality, such as Bluetooth capabilities and pre-set ride heights. 

Functionality - With the different levels of air ride suspension kits available, you will get more functionality in the larger kits. Our starter kits are designed to give you the basic functionality of air suspension without compromising quality. Each of our kits features top-of-the-line AccuAir and VIAIR products to ensure you get a system that lasts, no matter your budget. Our Premium and Ultimate air management packages will feature additional upgrades to give you more features to use within your air suspension systems such as pre-set ride height and Touchpad+.

Quality - When choosing an air ride suspension kit, you will want a quality system as it is usually a larger investment for most people. At AccuAir, quality is at the forefront of every part we develop. Each product in our air suspension kits has been hand-picked to ensure the highest quality available. We also carry some of the best air struts on the market to complete your full air suspension kit.

Can I Upgrade My Air Ride Suspension Kit In The Future?

Of course! Our air suspension kits are designed to be upgradable for those who want to test the waters with a starter kit and upgrade to a Touchpad+ or height sensors in the future. We make it easy to upgrade to various components to help you future-proof your investment and allow you to build a better system when you are ready. Our famous ENDO tanks feature a modular design and a removable end cap to upgrade your tank anytime. Our e-Level ECU upgrade allows you to get over-the-air updates as well as to update your software with the latest features and functions at any time.