Air Suspension Air Struts

Air Struts

Air struts are one of the core components of any air suspension system. They are what make your air suspension adjustable on the fly. By replacing your factory hydraulic struts with air struts, you are able to control the height of your vehicle at the touch of a button. AccuAir now offers Universal Air Suspension for a wide variety of vehicle applications to give you more options for building your air suspension system. Air struts are struts that are equipped with air bags, or bladders, that can inflate and deflate to raise or lower the vehicle. Air struts mount in the factory strut location and are very easy to install. Taking a look at the air struts, they look very similar to factory struts, but are equipped with a few more features. Your air struts will be inflated via air lines that are routed from the air tank, through the manifold, and to each air strut. An exhaust valve opens when you want to lower your vehicle, letting out air from the air bag. Founded in the early 2000s, Universal Air Suspension set out with the goal to manufacture an air spring that would outperform the others. Operating out of San Bernardino, California, all airbags are manufactured in house for a high-quality construction and excellent quality control. Universal Air Suspension currently manufactures the only airbag that is designed for use with your existing strut. They also produce an air spring that extends several inches higher than any other bag in its size class. AccuAir is proud to offer Universal Air Suspension and suggests these air struts with any of our AccuAir components. If you are building an air suspension system from scratch, there are a few different components you will need to purchase. Besides the air struts, you will need an air tank, one or two compressors, a manifold, air line, a filter, and a management system. Depending on how you want your system to be laid out, you may want hard lines and custom mounting brackets. The size and type of components you will need will be based on your specific vehicle and preferred setup.