Air Ride Solenoid Valves - What Do They Do?

The solenoid valves and manifold are vital parts of your air suspension system as they control the air going to each air bag. Since the valves are mounted in the manifold and are often not the most exciting part of your build, many do not understand how they work. Today, we are going to take a closer look at air suspension solenoid valves and valve manifolds to give you a better idea of what they do.

Air Ride Solenoid Valves - What Do They Do? | AccuAir Suspension

What Are Air Ride Solenoid Valves?

Air suspension solenoid valves are electronic valves that open and close to fill or vent each air bag. Each corner of your air suspension system will be controlled by a single valve. The valves are integrated into a valve manifold and are installed between the compressor and the air bags. When you adjust your air pressure for each corner on your air management system, the solenoids will open or close to achieve the correct height or amount of pressure in your bag.

What Are Air Suspension Valve Manifolds?

A valve manifold for air suspension is the heart of any air suspension system. The valve manifold electronically controls the air delivery in your system. It is usually made up of an aluminum block with electronic solenoids, valves, and ¼” fittings to allow for an easy installation. The biggest thing to look for here is whether you need a 2 or 4 corner unit, the quality of the manifold as it may be exposed to the elements, and the way that it connects to your system.

2 Corner vs 4 Corner Solenoid Manifold

When looking at solenoid manifolds, you will notice that there are usually 2 different manifolds available - 2 corner and 4 corner. “Corner” refers to each air bag location. Think of your vehicle as having 4 corners, left front, right front, left rear, and right rear. A 2 corner system is going to be utilized when you have a front only or rear only kit. The 2 valves will control 2 air bags. A 4 corner manifold, the most common type, will be used for vehicles running complete air suspension kits where 4 air bags are used. This allows for independent control of each air bag to achieve the perfect ride height. Of course, with our e-level system, you can preset your preferred heights of each corner so you will not have to manually adjust them for your preferred height.

What Are The Signs Of A Leaking Air Suspension Valve Manifold?

When an air suspension valve manifold starts to leak, you will notice that your suspension will not stay at the desired height. If it is a small leak, your suspension may go up at a slower pace, and then slowly lower. This is going to be dependent on where your leak is coming from. If the manifold itself is leaking, it may affect your whole suspension. If your leak is coming from a specific valve, you may only notice your suspension dropping on one corner. Of course, this can also be symptoms of other problems with your system so it is important to diagnose the issue to potentially narrow it down to the valve manifold.

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