Valve Manifolds

When it comes to air suspension systems, you are going to need a quality valve manifold to move air through your system. This is one area where you will not want to cheap out when shopping around and building your system. A valve manifold for air suspension is the heart of any air suspension system. The valve manifold electronically controls the air delivery in your system. It is usually made up of an aluminum block with electronic solenoids, valves, and ¼” fittings to allow for an easy installation. The biggest thing to look for here is whether you need a 2 or 4 corner unit, the quality of the manifold as it may be exposed to the elements, and the way that it connects to your system. AccuAir knows the importance of a high-quality valve manifold and that is why we have developed the VU4 valve manifolds for your air suspension systems. The VU4 valve manifold can be purchased in a 2 corner and 4 corner configuration, depending on the type of air suspension kit you are running on your vehicle. On the VU4 systems, you will find ¼” NPT fittings on all ports. The 4 corner manifold is designed to inflate and deflate up to 4 individual air springs while the 2 corner manifold will inflate and deflate 2 individual air springs. At AccuAir, we are all about ease of installation and keeping things clean. On the VU4 manifolds, you will get a high-quality, weather-proof plug-n-play harness to help make your installation quick and get accurate wire connections built to last in the harsh under-vehicle environment. To add to the already high-quality construction, each of these valve manifolds will feature all stainless steel valve components. The robust internal solenoid valve architecture maximizes flow rates, provides bubble-tight sealing, and guarantees operation up to 200 psi for millions of cycles. These manifolds help to provide the cleanest installation possible while delivering the most reliable operation on the market today. Pick up one of the AccuAir VU series valve manifolds for your air suspension system and make installation quick and easy.