Plumbing Kits & Accessories

To complete your air suspension system on your vehicle, you are going to need a high-quality plumbing kit to properly transfer air through your air ride components. AccuAir is a leading provider of all things plumbing for air suspension kits, carrying the best of the best products to get your kit completed. Most air suspension systems are going to utilize ⅜” air line and various fittings to ensure that your air travels efficiently to each air suspension component. AccuAir offers many different plumbing kits and accessories for your air suspension kit including 50ft airline kits, Loctite thread sealant, fitting kits, elbows, plugs, and much more. These components are a great way to finish up your air suspension kit or to replace broken or work-out components on your existing system. If you are wanting an all-in-one kit, check out our ⅜” DOT/PTC Fitting kit that includes 50ft of DOT airline, ⅜” NPT for air springs, and an aluminum filter/trap designed to give you everything you need to complete your system.