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Air Suspension Air Compressors

An air suspension air compressor is the main component that compresses the air for your air suspension system. It is the heart of your air suspension kit and will need to be a high-quality component to keep your suspension functioning properly. At AccuAir, we supply only the best air suspension compressors from VIAIR.

VIAIR air compressors for air suspension are the best in the business and are AccuAir recommended for providing your air suspension system with a long-lasting, high-quality compressor. The quality of your air compressor will determine just how well your suspension performs, so you will not want to cheap out.

If you are wanting even better performance and faster suspension control, you can run dual VIAIR compressors to get double the air for quicker air-ups. This is also a great option for heavier vehicles, such as full-size trucks where air bags are used frequently, where you may want a little more performance for lifting up the vehicle.

The air compressor in your air suspension system is the component that supplies your system with air. Like any air compressor, an air suspension compressor takes in air from its surroundings, compresses it, and allows it to be used for your air suspension system. At AccuAir, we believe in providing our customers with the highest-quality components in the industry. That is why we offer the best of the best in air compressors for air suspension - VIAIR. 

Your air compressor is the first component used in your air system. It produces compressed air that is sent and stored in the air tank. From here, it is distributed to your air bags to lift your vehicle. A quick and reliable air compressor will ensure your air bags are to the correct PSI as quickly as possible. 

VIAIR air compressors have been very popular in the air suspension industry for being reliable, powerful, and high-quality. They have been trusted for years to give enthusiasts countless years of great service with industry-leading customer service to match. 

We have taken out the guesswork for you and made things easier with dual compressor kits that include two VIAIR 485C or two VIAIR 380C air compressors to allow quicker air-ups and faster performance from your air suspension kit. Each kit will include everything you need to install your air suspension compressors, including air line, mounting hardware, air filter assemblies, fittings, hose clips, relays, switches, and more. 

Need an easy way to mount your compressor? Check out our great options for compressor mounting brackets. These brackets are made from Fiction Fabrication specifically for the ENDO tanks to neatly mount your compressor to. This will allow you to clean up your trunk or truck bed area to give your air suspension system a much better look for car shows.