What Are Air Suspension Compressors

Building out a high-quality air suspension system is going to rely heavily on the products you choose, especially the air suspension compressor. The compressor in your air suspension setup is going to generate air to feed your system. Depending on your setup, you may need one or two compressors to give your air suspension system the air it needs to raise the vehicle quickly. The air compressor is going to need to be wired into your battery, as it will need power and ground to operate. Let’s take a closer look at what your air suspension compressor does.

What Are Air Suspension Compressors

How Do Air Suspension Compressors Work?

The compressor in your air suspension system is going to work very similar to any other air pump. It’s job is to draw outside air into the internal take, pressure this air, and send it out to your air tank. Your air tank will store the compressed air until you are ready to lift up your car. At this point, the compressed air goes into your manifold and out to each air strut or air spring. Once your air tank has filled to the desired pressure, it will send a signal to your air compressor to shut off. Once your air tank reaches a certain minimum PSI of air pressure, your compressors will kick back on, supplying more air to your tank via the air line. In many instances, you will hear the compressors kick on when you power up your system and then cut off after a minute or so once the tank is filled.

How Do I Know If My Air Suspension Compressor Is Bad?

A bad air suspension compressor can cause your whole system to malfunction or not work at all. Since the compressor is like the heart of your system, without it, you will not have any air to transfer to your bags. Let’s look at a few symptoms of a faulty air suspension compressor.

Vehicle Will Not Stay At Designated Height - Your air compressor is what allows you to air up your air struts. If your compressor is malfunctioning, you will not be able to inflate your bags at the same consistency.

Excessive Noise While Operating - If you notice that your compressor is making strange noises when operating, aside from it’s normal operational noise, you should have it inspected for damage.

Compressor Will Not Turn On - In a more obvious state, if your compressor will not turn on and you have ruled out electrical problems, your compressor may need to be replaced.

Which Air Suspension Compressors Are Best?

Here at AccuAir, we are all about quality products. Piecing together a low-quality air suspension system can be the recipe for disaster later down the road as inferior parts start to fail. When it comes to air suspension compressors, AccuAir suggests VIAIR compressors. VIAIR is one of the leading brands of air compressors and components in the industry. We offer VIAIR’s dual 485C air compressors in an easy-to-purchase kit to make sure your air suspension system operates quickly and efficiently.

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