Which Is Better Air or Spring Suspension?

When modifying a vehicle, one of the first areas most car enthusiasts address is suspension. Let’s call it like it is, most enthusiasts can’t wait to lower their vehicle as stock suspension makes us sick (figuratively speaking of course). When it comes to closing that unsightly wheel gap, there are a few different routes you can take. Lowering springs, coil overs, and air suspension are the options most have for lowering your car, truck, or SUV. Today, we are going to look at spring suspension vs air suspension to give you a better idea of which route is best for you.

Which Is Better Air or Spring Suspension?

What Is Spring Suspension

Spring suspension is a coil spring based suspension system and can refer to both stock springs and lowering springs. These coil springs are mounted in between the control arms or on the shock in MacPhearson style suspensions. Spring setups are static suspension systems that do not allow for adjustability of your ride height. In order to get a lower ride height while utilizing springs, you will need to swap out your factory springs with lowering springs.


  • Factory Like Comfort
  • Easy To Install
  • Lowering Springs Are The Cheapest Way To Lower Your Vehicle


  • Static Suspension
  • Cannot Adjust Ride Height

What Is Air Suspension

Air suspension replaces your factory shocks, struts, and springs, with air struts. Air struts are very similar to your factory setup but have rubber bladders instead of springs. These bladders fill with air to raise your vehicle and deflate to lower your vehicle. You will also have to utilize an air compressor, air tank, air lines, valve manifold, and a few other components for a fully functional air suspension setup. With air suspension, you can raise or lower your vehicle at the push of a button at any time.


  • On-The-Fly Suspension Adjustability
  • Allows For Vehicle To Be Lowered Lower Than Most Suspension Setups
  • Allows You To Dial In Suspension To Perfect Stance


  • Can Be Costly
  • May Need To Be Professionally Installed

Which Is Better?

The debate between static and bagged suspension has gone on and will go on forever. It’s equivalent to the domestic vs JDM debate where fans on each side refuse to admit one is better than the other. One thing they can agree on is that one or the other is best for specific applications. In order to find out which suspension is best for you, you will need to take into consideration what you want your car to be used for. 

If you simply want your vehicle to be lowered about an inch and aren’t wanting to spend a lot of money, a lowering spring kit may be best for you. Springs are also great for those looking to drag race with hardcore suspension setups.

For those who are wanting an ultimate suspension setup and the ability to dial to change their ride height at the touch of a button, air suspension is the way to go. Air suspension also offers a very comfortable ride and is perfect for making your vehicle stand out at your next car show.

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