What Is The Point Of Air Suspension?

We have all seen a vehicle on air suspension, whether it was an import laid out at a car show or a classic truck airing out for the perfect stance. It is an adjustable suspension system that has become more popular over the last couple of decades. When it comes to those who have never seen it before, many may ask, “what is the point of air suspension?”. Luckily, we here at AccuAir have been around the air suspension industry for quite some time and have had to answer this question many times. Today, we are going to look at what air suspension is used for and why you should consider it for your vehicle.

What Is The Point Of Air Suspension?

The “point” of air suspension is going to vary from car to car as everyone has different uses for their vehicle. Air suspension is the only suspension system that allows you to adjust your ride height at the push of a button, making it easy to raise or lower your vehicle in seconds. The main points of air suspension are better looks, performance, a more comfortable ride, and a non-permanent ride height. 


The first is obvious. Many people choose to go with air suspension for the looks. With air suspension, you can get the perfect stance for your vehicle at the push of a button. Many times, the perfect stance is not ideal for driving, so you can simply air up when you are ready to drive and then air out for the perfect look at the car show.


Performance is another key aspect of air suspension. For those who like to race their car or drive more spiritably than others, air suspension allows you to fine-tune your suspension to get a better center of gravity for racing. 

Comfortable Ride

Air suspension is one of the most comfortable suspension setups you can get. Ever heard of the saying “riding on air”. Well, with air suspension, you can make this a reality. Air suspension allows for a more comfortable ride when compared to coil springs or coil overs as the rubber bladders and air absorb more road bumps.

Non-Permanent Ride Height

Lastly, air suspension allows you to have a non-permanent ride height. Oftentimes, the ride height you want to have is not always the best for daily driving or getting over speed bumps. With air suspension, you can have a show height, daily driving height, and even raise up your vehicle to get over larger speed bumps. 

Air Suspension From AccuAir

At AccuAir, we live and breathe air suspension. For years, our team has been researching and developing some of the most innovative air suspension components that have transformed the automotive industry. AccuAir has been at the head of the air suspension industry for over a decade, from our ENDO tanks to our technologically advanced air suspension management kits and controllers.

If you are ready to add air suspension to your vehicle or need assistance picking out components for your kit, give us a call or fill out our contact us page for more info.

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