What Happened To AccuAir? Featuring Fitment Industries

As a great friend of AccuAir Suspension, Fitment Industries has always shown great support for our company and continues to do so to this day. With the various changes that have occurred over the years, there have been many questions that customers and vendors have had about exactly what happened to AccuAir.

To help get these questions answered and let the public know exactly what occurred at AccuAir, we invited Alex Martinez from Fitment Industries down to our Florida location to bring you up to speed.

As Alex explains, AccuAir has a vast history, spanning back about 2 decades. At the time, air suspension was merely used for car shows in an up and down fashion. While this was great for hard parking, AccuAir identified the need for next-level air suspension performance. With a goal in mind to revolutionize how air suspension was utilized, AccuAir developed and manufactured some of the best performing air suspension components on the market (and still does to this day).

Alex reflects back on visiting AccuAir and filming another video in 2019, touting their quality and attention to detail. Not even 6 months later, AccuAir Control Systems filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. AccuAir Control Systems as a company was gone, along with their company history, the hierarchy, and mantra. AccuAir, without the “Control Systems” name, is back.

In September 2020, AccuAir’s assets were bought by the air suspension company Arnott. Arnott is a leader in OE air suspension products and has a massive reputation for their high-quality components. The only things that came with AccuAir’s assets were the intellectual property and what was left at the physical location.

AccuAir had to come back with a new company model, a new location in Florida, new product development, and new staff.

AccuAir would like to extend a huge thank you to Alex and the FI team for making the trip and putting together this great video explaining what happened to AccuAir and where we're headed.

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