What Does It Mean To "Bag" A Car?

In the world of air suspension, there are many terms to learn, both technical and slang. Since air ride suspension has been around for quite some time, many slang terms have come to fruition over the years. One of the most commonly used terms when it comes to adding air suspension to a car is “bagging it”.  Today, we are going to look at what it means to bag a car and how this term came to be.

What Does Bagging A Car Mean?

Bagging a car simply means adding air suspension to it. This term comes from using “air bags” or air springs instead of traditional coil springs or coil overs. Over the years, truck enthusiasts have used the term “bagging your truck,” which naturally spread over to car/SUV enthusiasts once air suspension became more popular. A quick Google search of your favorite vehicle with the term “on bags” will look very similar to the same search but with “on air”. 

Is Air Bag The Correct Term For Air Suspension?

When adding air suspension to your vehicle, you will need to replace your factory coil springs, struts, and shocks with air struts or air springs, depending on your application. While air bags are a slang term for both, technically, the air strut does contain an “air bag.” The technical term for the air bag is an air bellow, but most enthusiasts know what they are taking about. As for truck rear setups, an air spring will be used, which is the closest form to an “air bag” you can get, as there is no strut assembly, only the air spring.

What About Helper Bags?

When discussing air suspension and air bags for trucks, there are a couple of different offerings, depending on what you will be doing with your truck. For those who want adjustable suspension, especially on all four corners, a full air suspension kit will need to be installed with air springs in the back that are designed to lower your truck a tremendous amount.

A helper bag will be the perfect option for those who will be towing or hauling and simply need air suspension in the rear to level out their truck with a heavy payload. This type of air spring is designed to raise the rear of your truck back up when loaded down with a trailer or when hauling a heavy load in the bed of your truck.

High-Quality Air Suspension From AccuAir

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    Hello I have a accuair system in my car. I am having a very stiff ride like a go kart. Is there something wrong that I am doing. I know it’s been professionally installed by. Sadistic iron works. Please could you tell me what I need to do. To make the ride softer .

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