What Are Air Struts?

When it comes to an air suspension system, there are many different components needed to control your ride height at the push of a button. One of the most vital components of any air suspension system is going to be the air strut. An air strut will directly replace your current hydraulic strut to allow for ride height adjustment on the fly using air. These air struts look very similar to your hydraulic strut, with the exception of an airbag in the place of the hydraulic casing. Let's take a closer look at what air struts are and how they play a vital role in your air suspension system. 
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How Do Air Struts Work?

Air struts work by inflating and deflating the airbag with the help of the air compressor and air lines. With just about all air management systems, you can simply adjust the pressure of air that is being sent to the air struts to get the perfect ride height. The compressor fills the bag up with air for raising the vehicle up and the bag deflates electronically when you are wanting to lower the vehicle. Air struts are usually found on all four corners of fully bagged vehicles and are one of the easiest ways to quickly get the height adjustment you are after. Most air struts will have built-in caster/camber adjustments to dial in your air suspension after your install. Air struts work relatively simple when installed correctly and are a great addition to any car looking for adjustable height adjustment. 

How Long Do Air Struts Last?

A common question regarding air suspension systems is "how long do air struts last?" Since there are so many moving parts made of various materials, there are more components with air suspension systems when compared to a traditional coil spring and shock combo. The "bladder" of the air strut, or air bags, is made from durable rubber that is made to last for years to come. Air struts will normally last around 80,000 to 100,000 miles, depending on the environment, road conditions, and how often you use them. For vehicles that may see harsher conditions, every component of your air suspension system may see shorter lifespans. Periodically checking your air struts and ensuring they are maintained will help ensure that they last their longest. 

How AccuAir Can Make The Most Of Your Air Struts

Here at AccuAir, we take pride in our high-quality air management systems. We provide some of the best air suspension products on the market to ensure your air suspension system performs at its best every time. AccuAir is going to offer a wide variety of air suspension products such as air tanks, air lines, vacuum manifolds, air suspension compressors, air management systems, and much more. These components can help you ensure that your air suspension system works flawlessly with just about any air strut. Whether you are piecing together a kit or want to upgrade your current air suspension system, trust AccuAir to give you quick and easy height adjustment on your vehicle.

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