What Are Air Springs?

In an air suspension system, various parts work together to raise and lower your vehicle at the push of a button. While each of these parts is very important, the air spring will be the component that raises and lowers the vehicle, giving you adjustable ride height on your vehicle. Today, we will look at what an air spring is and how it can help give you the best suspension available for your vehicle.

What Is An Air Spring In Air Ride Suspension?

An air spring in air ride suspension is a rubber bellow that inflates with air to raise the vehicle and deflates to lower the vehicle. An air spring can be found on an air strut or by itself, depending on your suspension setup. 

On an air strut, the air spring is at the top of the strut and acts similar to your factory suspension setup. Instead of a strut and coil spring, the air strut features a strut and air spring. Air struts are vehicle specific, so you will need little to no modification when installing them on your vehicle when switching to air suspension. 

In vehicles where a strut and spring setup is not used, such as the rear or a truck and the rear of some uni-body vehicles, a standalone air spring might be used. These air springs usually feature a rubber bellow with two metal plates on the top and bottom to mount to your vehicle. A custom bracket must be fabricated or installed to mount the air spring to the vehicle in many cases.

Are Air Springs Better Than Coil Springs?

One of the most common questions we get here at AccuAir is whether air springs are better than coil springs. The answer depends on what you will be using the vehicle for. Air springs provide you with a more comfortable ride and the ability to raise and lower your vehicle at the push of a button. However, for hardcore racing applications, coil springs and coil overs may be a better choice due to the lighter weight and need for a specifically tuned setup. 

Since air springs obviously use air, the ride quality will be much better than coil springs. Air springs can offer more absorption when driving over bumps and cracks in the road, allowing you to have more control over your vehicle. Air springs are also great for raising your vehicle up to get over speed bumps rather than taking it at an angle to avoid scraping, a common practice for those with static suspension setups.

High-Quality Air Springs From AccuAir

If you are looking for the best air springs in the industry, look no further than AccuAir. We carry some of the highest quality air struts and air springs available and everything you need to complete your air suspension system. Check out our complete air suspension management systems and air strut kits to get your vehicle riding on air. Got questions? Fill out our contact us form to contact an air suspension expert today!

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