Scion FRS Air Suspension - What Do I Need?

As the US model for the Toyota GT 86, the Scion FRS was sold only in the United States and Canada. This 2+2 sports car was developed jointly by Toyota and Subaru and manufactured at Subaru’s Gunma assembly plant. While the FRS was only in production for a few years, it made its name known in the aftermarket community. With a sporty look, the FRS already looked great, but enthusiasts quickly modified them to make them look even better. As one of the most popular modifications, air suspension kits have been a staple in the FRS community. If you are looking to bag your FRS, we have made a quick and easy list of things you will need for your kit.

Does The Scion FRS Have Air Suspension?

Sadly, the FRS was equipped with air suspension in factory form. The FRS did get a sport-inspired suspension setup and a great stance from the factory. The FRS utilized an independent MacPherson strut in the front and an independent short/long-arm suspension for the rear.

What Do I Need To Add Air Suspension To My FRS?

If you are looking to add air suspension to your FRS, you will need to choose between purchasing an all-in-one FRS air suspension kit or piecing together your own kit using high-quality components. At AccuAir, we have everything you need to mix and match the components you need to complete your air suspension system.

Air Compressor

An air compressor is the first component you will need when building your air suspension system. Depending on the size of your system and how quickly you want to air up, you may want to choose to go with two compressors. The air compressor is responsible for compressing air and sending it to the air tank to be used in your air suspension system.

Air Tank

The air tank in an air suspension system stores compressed air to allow you to use your system whenever you want. You can find most air suspension air tanks in 3-gallon or 5-gallon sizes. The tank size you need will depend on the size of the system you are running and how fast you want to use your system. At AccuAir, we are proud to offer our ENDO air tanks, one of the best air tanks in the industry. The ENDO tanks were designed to resolve common air tank issues and give you a high-quality tank that outperforms the competition.

Air Lines

To transfer the compressed air to each air suspension component, you will need an air line. Air lines can be looked at as the veins of an air suspension system. Air lines connect each of your components together and deliver the air between them to allow for you to quickly raise and lower your vehicle at the push of a button. Air line can be purchased in 50-foot rolls to allow you enough air line to complete your entire air suspension system.

Valve Manifold

The valve manifold is an electronic set of valves that meters air to each of your air struts. It is located between the air tank and the air struts and is electronically controlled by your air management system. This is a very important part of your air suspension system and an area where you want to go cheap. A lower-quality manifold can fail prematurely, causing your air suspension system to be inoperable.

Management System

The management system of an air suspension system is used to control your entire system. You can easily adjust the height of your vehicle through your management system by controlling how much air is in each air strut. AccuAir is a leading manufacturer of high-quality air suspension management systems with some of the most technologically advanced capabilities, like Bluetooth control, air strut pressures, and current tank capacity in the app.

Air Struts/Shocks

You will need to ditch your factory suspension in favor of air struts to get your FRS riding on air suspension. Air struts will be vehicle specific, so you must order the correct air struts for your vehicle. They will most likely replace your factory shocks, struts, and coil springs on your vehicle and bolt in without any modification. The rubber bladder on the air strut inflates and deflates with air to raise and lower your vehicle. Choose from a variety of different air struts at

Water Traps/Filters

Air suspension systems use compressed air to raise and lower a vehicle. Much like a shop's air compressor and air tank setup, air suspension compressors and tanks are susceptible to moisture buildup. This moisture buildup can be detrimental to air suspension systems causing catastrophic damage and rust on metal tanks. To help prevent moisture in your system, you can install a water trap or water filter. This is cheap insurance to keep your air suspension system safe from moisture and to make your air suspension maintenance much easier. If you live in an area with below-freezing temperatures, this will also help prevent freeze damage in your air lines.

Ride Height Sensors

Ride height sensors are not necessary for an operable air suspension system, but they allow you to get your vehicle to sit at your favorite levels much easier. Ride height sensors will measure the exact height of your vehicle in relation to the surface you are on to give you real-time metrics on how low or high your vehicle is. Ride height sensors also allow you to pre-set heights for a one-touch air up or air down. This will keep you from having to pulse your air suspension system to get to the perfect height. 

Air Suspension Management For Scion FRS

AccuAir is here to help you get the best air suspension system in the industry if you are ready to take your FRS to the next level. Our team can help you build the best FRS air suspension kit that meets your functional and budget needs with a vast catalog of high-quality air suspension components. Give us a call today or shoot us an email to talk to one of our AccuAir air suspension specialists.

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