Lexus LS400 Air Suspension

The Lexus LS400 is one of those vehicles that didn’t get a huge following until they became older. As enthusiasts started modding these vehicles and really testing the limits of what you could do with them, the following for these sedans exploded. One of the most popular mods that we have seen on the LS400s is air suspension. In order to give you the low-down on everything you need for an LS400 air suspension kit, we have laid out everything you will need to build your own kit.

Lexus LS400 Air Suspension

Does the Lexus LS400 Have Air Suspension?

From the factory, Lexus did not offer air suspension on the LS400. Instead, you got a comfy coil spring, strut, and shock setup that made for a very comfortable ride at that time. Since its debut, we have seen lowering springs, coilovers, and air suspension added to these sedans to give them a better look and better performance. Air suspension is the only suspension system that allows you to get on-the-fly suspension adjustability at the push of a button.

What Do I Need To Add Air Suspension To My Lexus LS400?

For those wanting to bag an LS400, you can choose from a ready-to-install kit, or piece together a kit to get the specific, high-quality components you want. At AccuAir, we have put together this article to allow you to build out your own LS400 kit using the best components.

Air Compressor

Starting with the first component in the air suspension system, an air compressor will be needed to supply your system with air. An air compressor takes outside air, compresses it, and then sends it to your air tank where it will be stored to use at your discretion. Many air suspension users choose to go with 2 compressors for quicker air-on-demand. This is why we here at AccuAir have put together a VIAIR Dual 485C air compressor kit to make things easier.

Air Tank

An air suspension air tank is used to store compressed air until it is ready to be used in your air suspension system. These air tanks are usually available in 3 or 5-gallon configurations and can come in a variety of different shapes to fit your specific application. At AccuAir, we offer some of the best tanks in the industry: the ENDO air tanks. These tanks have been designed to solve common air tank issues and allow you to have a high-quality tank that outperforms the competition.

Air Lines

In order to move air throughout the system, you are going to need plenty of air line. The air lines are like the veins of your air suspension system as they connect all of your components together and deliver air from the air tank to the manifold and into each air strut. Air lines are usually routed inside and outside of your vehicle to allow them to be out of harm's way to reduce rubbing or chafing. Air suspension air line can be purchased in 50ft rolls to allow you to have plenty of lines to plumb your entire system.

Valve Manifold

The part of your air suspension system that is responsible for delivering air to each strut is called the valve manifold. The valve manifold connects between the air tank and the air struts and is equipped with valves that open and close to allow air to flow to each of your air struts. This is a vital component of your air system and certainly not an area that you are going to want to cheap out on. A low-quality valve manifold can fail, causing your air suspension system to be inoperable.

Management System

In order to control your air suspension system, you are going to need an air suspension management system to make things easier. Yes, you can go with manual switches, but where is the fun in that? AccuAir manufactures and produces the highest-quality air suspension systems on the market. Our kits allow for a wide variety of features to manage your air suspension such as wireless and Bluetooth capabilities.

Air Struts

When converting your vehicle to air suspension, you are going to have to ditch your factory shocks, struts, and coil springs for air struts. Air struts are similar to factory struts, but instead of a steel coil spring, they feature a rubber bladder that fills with air to raise your vehicle and deflate to lower your vehicle. These air struts are vehicle specific for a quick and easy, bolt-in replacement.

Water Traps/Filters

Due to the nature of air suspension setups, compressed air can cause moisture buildup in your air tank and air lines. In order to prevent this, it is recommended to install a water trap or water filter. Moisture buildup in air suspension tanks can cause rust from the inside out on lesser quality air tanks. AccuAir's ENDO tanks are made to resist corrosion and protect against rust. Installing a water trap or filter is cheap insurance to ensure your air lines stay free of water and moisture, especially for those who live in areas where temperatures get below freezing.

Ride Height Sensors

Although they are not a necessity for an operating air suspension system, ride height sensors will make things much easier when you are raising or lowering your vehicle. Ride height sensors measure exactly where your vehicle is in relation to the ground, giving you real-time metrics on how high or low your vehicle is. This also allows for you to pre-set heights for one-touch air outs and air ups. This eliminates the need to constantly pulse your system to get to your desired height.

Air Suspension Management For Lexus LS400

If you are looking to build an air suspension kit for your Lexus LS400, look no further than AccuAir. Our team is dedicated to building the best air suspension components with the highest quality materials. Our team can help you build your own kit in order to get everything you need to bag your LS400.

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