Is Installing Air Suspension Hard?

When it comes to lowering your vehicle, there are three different options to choose from - lowering springs, coil-overs, and air suspension. While there are pros and cons to each, air suspension offers the most versatility (and fun) out of all of them. Since air suspension kits feature more components than traditional suspension kits, the ease of installation is always questioned. Today, we are going to answer the age-old question of “is installing air suspension is hard?”.

Is Installing Air Suspension Hard?

Is Installing Air Suspension Hard?

The difficulty of installing air suspension is going to ultimately depend on your level of automotive expertise. Air suspension installs can be completed by experienced car enthusiasts with common hand tools and an above-average skill set. Installing the air struts will follow the same basic procedure as lowering springs and coil-overs, making this part easy. Running air lines and mounting your tank, compressor, and manifold will differ from vehicle to vehicle, but shouldn’t be much of an issue for most. The hardest part of installing air suspension is ensuring your wheel fitment clears the way that you want it to for your application.

DIY Install Vs Professional Install

Installing an air suspension kit can be done DIY-style at home or through a professional air suspension installer. AccuAir highly suggests having your air suspension installed at a reputable shop can ensure that everything has been installed correctly and the installation may come with a warranty, depending on the shop. However, this does come with a cost and for those wanting to save money, doing the installation yourself can help save a lot of money. While DIY installs save money, there may be things that get looked over or forgotten about. To sum it all up, a professional install is highly recommended, but if you choose to install it yourself, take your time and ensure everything is installed correctly.

What Parts Do I Need For Air Suspension?

In order to give you a better idea of what you are going to need for your air suspension kit, we have listed out the core components needed for any air suspension system:

Optional Accessories:

High-Quality Air Suspension Components 

If you are ready to add air suspension to your vehicle, trust AccuAir to help you put together a kit that works best for your goals. Our team can help you better understand what you are going to need, suggest the best parts for your build, and provide you with additional information for air suspension questions you may have.

AccuAir is an industry-leading air suspension manufacturer and the quality of our products shows it. We invest heavily in research and development to provide you with the best possible product for your vehicle.
If you want to get more information on installing an air suspension kit, give us a call or fill out our contact form. Our team will be happy to assist you.

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