Infiniti G37 Air Suspension

Much like its earlier brother the G35, the Infiniti G37 quickly became a favorite for car enthusiasts everywhere. From drift builds to car show winning setups, the G37 can be configured in many different ways to showcase your creativity. The 3.7L engine gave you enough power to have fun while the body was a sleek and sporty redesign of the G35. While many G37 owners lower their cars to get a better look and close up fender gaps, more and more are choosing air suspension. Today, we are going to look at everything you need to add air suspension to a Infiniti G37.

Does the Infiniti G37 Have Air Suspension?

If you were under the impression that the G37 came lowered from the factory, you are not alone. Infiniti equipped this vehicle with a sporty suspension that is lower than many factory coupes and sedans. This allowed for better handling and overall performance whether you were daily driving or doing more spirited driving. The G37 was equipped with a shock, strut, and coil spring setup from the factory, giving enthusiasts a perfect baseline to start modding to their liking.

What Do I Need To Add Air Suspension To My Infiniti G37?

If you are wanting to bag your G37, you have two different routes you can take. You can choose a universal kit that includes just about everything you need or you can piece together a kit to get the absolute best parts/prices for your specific setup. At AccuAir, we are proud to offer everything you need to get air suspension installed on your G37. Let’s take a look at the components you will need to build your own G37 air suspension kit. 

Air Compressor

To start things off, we are going to start from the back and work our way forward. The first thing we will look at is the air suspension air compressor. The air compressor (or compressors) does just what it implies, takes outside air and compresses it to be used in your air suspension kit. If you are wanting a quick delivery of air for your system, you can opt for two compressors, which is what many people do. At AccuAir, we make this very easy with our VIAIR Dual 485C air compressor kit. VIAIR is one of the leading brands in air suspension compressors and is what we recommend for the best performing setup.

Air Tank

From the air compressor, your compressed air travels to the air tank where it is stored until you need to use it. Air suspension tanks are offered in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and configurations. AccuAir is proud to manufacturer some of the best air suspension air tanks in the industry. Our ENDO tanks offer a modular aluminum design to allow for expandability and protection from rust. With built in features, you can get a cleaner setup and a better performing air suspension system.

Air Lines

To transport your air to each component of your system, you are going to need air lines. Air lines are like the veins of your air suspension system. While most all-in-one-kits will include air lines, AccuAir offers 50ft air line kits to be able to tackle even the largest of vehicles. These air lines are made from durable, high-quality materials to withstand the elements when they are ran outside of the vehicle.

Valve Manifold

In order to get your air going to your air struts, you are going to need a valve manifold. A valve manifold is an electronic component that opens valves to allow air to travel from the air tank to the air struts. It gets a signal from switches or a management system to open and close to allow the proper amount of air to flow to the respective air strut.

Management System

To control your air suspension system, you will need an air suspension management system to make things easier. Yes, you can go with manual switches, but where is the fun in that? AccuAir manufactures and produces the highest-quality air suspension systems on the market. Our kits allow for various features to manage your air suspension, such as wireless and Bluetooth capabilities.

Air Struts

When converting to air suspension, you are going to need to swap out your factory suspension for air struts or air bags. These air struts are struts similar to your factory setup, but will feature a rubber bladder instead of a spring. This rubber bladder fills up with air to raise the vehicle and releases air to lower the vehicle. Air struts are vehicles specific, so you will need to make sure you get the correct air struts for your application.

Water Traps/Filters

Since air suspension systems use compressed air, you will need to think about moisture that builds up in your system. With steel air tanks, this can cause rust over time if not properly filtered or drained. An air suspension water trap or filter can help trap the water before it makes it to your air tank and reduce the chances of water damaging your air suspension system. Moisture can freeze in the colder months, causing damage to air lines and other components. 

Ride Height Sensors

While ride heigh sensors are not a necessity to get your G37 on air, they can certainly make your life easier. Ride height sensors measure the position of your vehicle’s height, allowing you to preset your favorite ride heights. No more pulsing your kit to get to the perfect ride height, park height, or other heights. Simply program the height, push a button, and you will be sitting exactly how you want each time. 

Air Suspension Management For Infiniti G37

If you are looking to build an air suspension kit for your Infiniti G37, look no further than AccuAir. Our team is dedicated to building the best air suspension components with the highest quality materials. Our team can help you build your own kit in order to get everything you need to bag your G37.

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