Improved AccuAir Height Sensor

Something that we have only briefly discussed is the development of our new height sensor. It was built to increase accuracy and ease the installation process. Nine months of research and testing went into this latest iteration, bettering the e-Level Management System in every way.

These improvements include:

  • 4 different mounting points on the arm for target suspension travels of 4″, 3″, 2″, 1″.
  • Removable setup guide keeps the sensor within range during setup (100 degrees). Once the setup guide is removed there is an additional 10 degrees of electrical travel on each side and no mechanical stops to break.
  • The arm can be removed and re-clocked in 4 quadrants to re-orient the connector location in tight spaces.
  • Improved linkage design (these plastic heim-joints have zero slack). This will bring a further accuracy improvement.
  • Back and Face Mountable (Nice for through mounting applications).

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