How Does Air Suspension Work?

Modding cars is more than just adding horsepower and performance. For many, it is a way to show off their creativity and personality. Some like simple and easy, others like to push the limits of their car and go all out. When it comes to exterior looks, wheels and suspension are usually the first two things car enthusiasts go for. However, getting the right stance is not as easy as it sounds. With air suspension, you can easily fine-tune your vehicle’s ride height at the push of a button. While this seems easy and many have seen it before, not many know how it really works. Today, we are going to help you understand.

The Basics

An air suspension system is a type of suspension that allows a user to adjust the ride height of their vehicle at the push of a button. These systems use compressed air to raise and lower the vehicles and can be used in a variety of different applications. Let’s take a look at how an air suspension system works.

Step 1: Air Compressor

The first step in any air suspension system is the air compressor. As soon as it receives power, usually, when the car is started, the compressor kicks on and starts to compress air. Once your system detects that it is low on air supply, the compressor will kick back on and start supplying more air.

Step 2: Air Tank

From the compressor, the compressed air goes to the air tank where it is stored until you need to use it. Air tanks are made in a variety of different shapes and sizes to fit different applications. These tanks will hold the air until your system needs it, and when low, it will refill via the air compressor.

Step 3: Air Suspension Management

At this point, your system will be building up a good supply of air to raise and lower your vehicle. However, it can’t deliver this air until it receives a signal from your air management system. Depending on your management system,  pushing a button or flipping a switch will send an electronic signal to your valve manifold to allow air to flow or deflate from each air strut.

Step 4: Valve Manifold

Once you have pushed a button or flipped a switch on your air management system, an electronic signal tells your valve manifold to open a specific valve to inflate or deflate your air strut. 

Step 5: Air Struts

Lastly, your air travels to the air struts. Air struts are struts that feature air bladders (air bags) instead of springs that inflate and deflate to raise and lower your vehicle. These will be vehicle specific and usually require no modification to install. 

Air Suspension From AccuAir

At AccuAir, we live and breathe air suspension. For years, our team has been researching and developing some of the most innovative air suspension components that have transformed the industry. From our ENDO tanks to our technologically advanced air suspension management kits, AccuAir has been at the head of the air suspension industry for over a decade.

If you are ready to add air suspension to your vehicle or need assistance picking out components for your kit, give us a call of fill out our contact us page for more info.

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