How Can I Upgrade My Air Suspension Kit?

If you have an air suspension system or are looking to get an entry-level system, there are ways you can improve and upgrade your kit down the road. Unless you have every upgrade available in the AccuAir Ultimate Suspension kit, you can add a few upgrades to make your air suspension system much easier to use. Today, we will look at a few of the most popular air suspension upgrades from AccuAir.

How Can I Upgrade My Air Suspension System?

Depending on which air suspension components you have in your system, you may have several options to upgrade your air suspension system. For instance, if you have a cheaper air tank, you can upgrade to an aluminum ENDO tank from AccuAir. However, the following upgrades are based on a system with quality core components that do not need upgrades.

E-Level+ ECU Upgrade

The AccuAir e+ Connect kit lets you wirelessly control your air suspension system through the e+ Level app. This kit includes the e+ Connect ECU+, wireless switch box, and the e-Level+ app. The system is the standard on AccuAir’s Starter, Premium, and Ultimate Packages and is a great way to manage your air suspension system or upgrade an air suspension system.

Height+ Sensors

AccuAir’s Height+ sensors are one of the most popular upgrades for most air suspension users as it allows you to pre-program ride heights to get to your favorite heights at the push of a button. These sensors allow you to get straight to your desired height without having to pulse your valves for quick and easy adjustments. These sensors can be added on to your kit and come standard in our Ultimate and Premium air suspension packages. You can add this kit to your existing e+ Connect system to transform your e-level+ system into a height-based air management system. Use the e+ app to see real-time height data sent straight from the sensors to your phone.


The AccuAir Pressure+ upgrade is perfect for those who want to inflate or deflate their airbags to certain pressure settings. Similar to our Height+ sensors, the Pressure+ upgrade allows for pressure-based control within your ePlus app. This system uses the e+ ECU and can be enabled in the advanced settings in the ePlus app.

Touchpad+ Controller

AccuAir’s patented TouchPad+ allows you to easily control your air suspension from the palm of your hand. If you have height sensors installed, you can use the 1,2, and 3 buttons to automatically adjust your ride height to the predetermined height setup with your Height+ upgrade. If you want to adjust each corner individually, you can use the up and down buttons on the right side of the controller. Within these buttons, you can have a dual up or down adjustment to lower or raise the front or rear at once. 

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