G35 Air Suspension - What Do I Need?

It is hard to discuss popular cars for modifying without mentioning the Infiniti G35. The G35 was one of Infiniti’s breakthrough cars for having serious support in the aftermarket. Infiniti hit a home-run with the styling and performance on the G35 which led to many companies offering various parts for the coupe and sedans. Air suspension has been quite popular with these vehicles and you can easily search “bagged G35” to see just why these owners go with air suspension. To help you build out your Infiniti G35 air suspension kit, we have listed out everything you need to get started.

G35 Air Suspension - What Do I Need?

Do Infiniti G35s Have Air Suspension?

From the factory, Infiniti G35s did not have air suspension. G35s feature a MacPhearson strut assembly, making it very easy to remove and install air struts. The factory suspension was tuned to be sportier than many vehicles, but enthusiasts have thrown the book at these cars, using lowering springs, coil-overs, and air bags to put their own creative touch on these cars.

What Do I Need To Add Air Suspension To My G35?

If you are looking to bag your Infiniti G35, you are going to need to either buy a complete air suspension system, or build your own kit using high-quality components. Most G35 air suspension kits are going to be pretty straightforward to install with no major fabrication needed. Or course, if you want custom mounting or routing, you may need to consult with a fabricator to get the job done.

Air Compressor

In order to get air into your air suspension system, you are going to need an air compressor. An air compressor for air suspension is similar to any air compressor, its job is to take outside air, compress it, and send it off to be stored in your air tank. AccuAir offers VIAIR compressors, one of the most reputable brands in the industry, to ensure your air suspension system gets reliable air all of the time. Choose from one of two compressor kits depending on your specific setup and air suspension needs.

Air Tank

From the compressor, air travels to the air tank where it is stored until it is used. An air tank is a cylindrical tank that can hold pressurized air and allow it to be distributed to your system. You can choose from a wide variety of air tanks ranging in different shapes and sizes. Here at AccuAir, we offer a full line of ENDO air tanks, our modular, high-quality air tanks that are built to last.

Air Lines

Air lines are like the veins of your air suspension system. They will run from your manifold to each of your air struts, carrying air to inflate and deflate your air struts. You can pick up a roll of 50 feet of air line to ensure you have enough air line to complete just about any air suspension system install.

Valve Manifold

The valve manifold in an air suspension system is responsible for distributing the air in your system by receiving an electronic signal from the management system. Each time you make an adjustment to your air system, a switch opens to let air in or out of each strut, controlling how high or low your vehicle is. Manifolds are available in 2 or 4 corner units, depending if you have a rear only or 4 corner setup.

Management System

An air suspension management system is needed to control your air suspension. The management system allows for quick and easy adjustment of your air struts and can be purchased in a variety of different setups. AccuAir manufactures the highest-quality air suspension management systems that allow for some of the most technologically advanced features such as Bluetooth control and even in-app metrics of your air struts and air tank capacity.

Air Struts/Shocks

In order to get your suspension converted to air, you are going to need to ditch those factory springs, struts, and shocks and install air struts. Air struts look similar to popular MacPhearson strut setups, but instead of metal springs, they will feature air springs. These are rubber bladders that inflate and deflate to raise and lower your vehicle. While most of your air suspension system is going to be universal, when choosing an air strut, you will need to find a kit that is specific to your specific G35. The air shocks will mount in the same location, so you will not have to do any custom fabrication.

Water Traps/Filters

Due to the nature of air suspension setups, compressed air can cause moisture buildup in your air tank and air lines. In order to prevent this, it is recommended to install a water trap or water filter. Moisture buildup in air suspension tanks can cause rust from the inside out on lesser quality air tanks. AccuAir's ENDO tanks are made to resist corrosion and protect against rust. Installing a water trap or filter is cheap insurance to ensure your air lines stay free of water and moisture, especially for those who live in areas where temperatures get below freezing.

Ride Height Sensors

While not necessary for an operating air suspension system, ride height sensors will make your life a lot easier when airing out or airing up. Ride height sensors measure exactly where your vehicle is in relation to the ground, giving you real-time metrics on how high or low your vehicle is. This also allows for you to pre-set heights for one-touch air outs and air ups. This eliminates the need to constantly pulse your system to get to your desired height.

Infiniti G35 Air Suspension Management

If you are ready to take your G35 to the next level, literally, AccuAir can help get you the best air suspension system available. With a large catalog of high-quality air suspension components, our team can help you build the best G35 air suspension kit that meets your budget and functional needs. Give us a call today or shoot us an email to talk to one of our air suspension specialists.

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