Dodge Challenger Air Suspension Guide

With the arrival of the modern Dodge Challenger, American Muscle car fans rejoiced as their beloved classic Challenger was offered again. While the new Challenger sported a completely different look, it quickly became a staple in today’s car community. Whether you chose the eco-friendly V6 version or went all out for a Hellcat or Redeye, modifying your suspension is always a great choice. Choosing air suspension is a great way to get a suspension kit that can be fine-tuned at any moment to get the perfect stance on your Challenger. Today, we will examine what components you need to add air suspension to your Challenger. 

Dodge Challenger Air Suspension Guide

Do Dodge Challengers Have Air Suspension?

While the price of Dodge Challengers can reach levels where air suspension should be standard, Dodge opted for a high-performance strut and shock combination to give the Challenger great performance both on and off the track. However, if you want to swap over to air suspension, AccuAir has everything you need to get the job done. 

What Do I Need To Add Air Suspension To My Dodge Challenger?

Adding air suspension to your Dodge Challenger has never been easier, thanks to AccuAir. You can take the simple route and choose an air suspension package and pair it with a set of air struts and be done. For those who want to pick out individual components for a custom kit, you can use the following guide to ensure you get everything you need.

Air Compressor

An air suspension air compressor is responsible for compressing air and sending it to your air tank so it can be used in your air suspension system. Air suspension compressors are similar to normal compressors, just in a smaller form. 

Air Tank

An air tank that is used in air suspension is a 3 or 5-gallon air tank that stores compressed air that can be used in your air suspension system. AccuAir offers ENDO air tanks, one of the best air suspension air tanks on the market.

Air Lines

Air lines are like the veins of your air suspension system. These ABS lines connect each of your air suspension components together and ensure your compressed air makes it from your compressor all the way to the air struts. 

Valve Manifold

A valve manifold used in an air suspension system is made up of electronically controlled valves that open and close at the push of a button to meter air to each air strut. This is what allows your air struts to inflate and deflate, ultimately lowering and raising your vehicle.

Management System

To control your air suspension electronically, you will need a good air management system. An air management system controls your entire system and allows you to easily adjust your ride height at the push of a button. AccuAir offers some of the best air suspension management kits in the industry. 

Air Struts/Shocks

Lastly, you will need to replace your factory shocks, struts, and springs with air shocks or air struts. These struts are direct replacement struts for your factory components, meaning they will be vehicle specific, so ensure you are purchasing the right components.

Dodge Challenger Air Suspension Kits At AccuAir

If you are ready to take your Toyota Supra to the next level, literally, AccuAir can help get you the best air suspension system available. With a large catalog of high-quality air suspension components, our team can help you build the best Supra air suspension kit that meets your budget and functional needs. Give us a call today or shoot us an email to talk to one of our air suspension specialists.

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