Can You Put Air Suspension On Any Car?

The number of benefits you receive with an air suspension system can take your car from mild to wild rather quickly. From adjustable suspension at the touch of a button to laying out your car, aired out, at your next car show, air suspension systems are a great upgrade for just about any vehicle. 

Can You Put Air Suspension On Any Car?

Can You Put Air Suspension On Any Car?

Technically, with enough time and money, you can add air suspension to virtually any vehicle. However, for most cases, as long as you find the correct air struts for your specific vehicle, the rest of the kit is universal. The air tank, compressors, air lines, and manifold are not vehicle specific, so you can easily build out a kit for your vehicle with the correct air struts. Air struts are designed to fit your specific vehicle as a replacement for your shocks and struts. In truck applications, you may have to fabricate or purchase custom components to run an air strut or airbag setup.

What Are Air Struts?

Air struts are struts that are similar to your factory strut/spring combination, but instead of springs, you get a rubber bladder, also known as an air spring. Air transfers through the system and into the bladder to raise your vehicle. Air is released from the bladder to lower the vehicle. These struts are usually vehicle specific and are made to bolt into the same location as your stock shocks and struts. There are usually little to no modifications needed to get these installed and are usually one of the easiest parts of your entire air suspension install. 

What About Cars That Come Stock With Air Suspension?

If a vehicle comes stock with air suspension, can I add aftermarket air suspension? Yes, as these are two different types of systems. Factory air suspension systems can be controlled by the vehicle’s electronics to adjust your suspension within reason. An aftermarket air suspension system will allow for more drastic ride height changes and the ability to fine-tune your suspension for looks or performance. 

Is Air Suspension Permanent?

Air suspension is not a permanent mod, although it may require modifications to mount specific components that might be permanent. Air suspension can always be removed from a vehicle if you choose to sell the car or sell the kit, but holes left behind from mounting will remain. Strategically placing these holes where they will not be seen once removed can help keep your car from looking modified once the system has been removed.

Air Suspension Kits From AccuAir

As one of the leading air suspension manufacturers in the industry, AccuAir supplies the highest-quality air suspension kits and components for any vehicle. With universal air suspension parts such as air tanks, air management systems, air compressors, and more, AccuAir is your one-stop-shop for purchasing or building your air suspension kit.

If you want to get more information on installing an air suspension kit, give us a call or fill out our contact form. Our team will be happy to assist you.

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