Can You Go Fast On Air Suspension? 

When choosing a suspension system for your vehicle, you will want to ensure it is compatible with your driving type. When it comes to air suspension, a common question is, “can I go fast on air suspension?”. This all depends on what your definition of fast is. For drag racers, it may be a 10-second pass; for road racers, it could be a record-setting lap time. To make things easy, we will look at how air suspension can be used in each application to give you a better idea of how fast you can go on air suspension. 

Can You Go Fast On Air Suspension?

Yes. You can go fast on air suspension, but it will have limitations regarding extreme motorsport events. Many enthusiasts and professional racers use air suspension on their race cars with great success. 

Drag Racing With Air Suspension

When it comes to drag racing, most drag-specific vehicles will use drag springs or coilovers that allow the vehicle to launch and unload the suspension more efficiently. However, these vehicles are usually made for drag racing and will never see street time. Cars equipped with air suspension are fully capable of drag racing and are used on street cars that always see the occasional drag night. Is air suspension the ideal solution for a drag-specific vehicle? No. Can you drag race a car that has air suspension? Absolutely!

Road Racing With Air Suspension

Many enthusiasts enjoy road racing, from the weekend warrior to the purpose-built race car driver, is a sport. While your hardcore road racers are most likely utilizing a specifically built coil-over system, you can easily road race your air-equipped vehicle with no issues. Like drag racing, you can go with a suspension built specifically for the type of racing you are doing, but enjoying these races with air suspension is completely doable.

What Is Air Suspension Best Used For?

Air suspension is best used for car enthusiasts who want an adjustable suspension for looks, performance, and comfort. While most car owners choose to go with air suspension to easily adjust their ride height at the push of a button, many choose to use it to get their suspension dialed in for race day.

Air suspension is one of the most versatile suspension systems out there, as it allows you to adjust the height of your vehicle at the push of a button. Whether you want to lay out for a car show or raise your ride to get over a speed bump, air suspension will let you do it with ease.

High-Quality Air Suspension From AccuAir

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