Can You Drift With Air Suspension?

In the world of motorsports, car enthusiasts always look for new ways to enjoy their cars. As one of the newest sports to hit the US scene, drifting has quickly become popular with many enthusiasts compared to road racing and drag racing. From fully built drift cars to the weekend drift warrior, drift cars and their suspensions vary depending on the car's budget, purpose, and goals. Today, we are going to look at whether or not you can drift with air suspension.

What Is Drifting?

Drifting is one of the most unique styles of racing that you can do with your car. It is a driving technique where the driver oversteers intentionally to lose traction while maintaining control and driving the car through a corner. This sport requires cars to be built to turn at large angles and handle the constant abuse of oversteering and countersteering. Most drifters will want a firm, adjustable suspension for fine-tuning performance.

Can You Drift With Air Suspension?

Since drifting and air suspension have risen in popularity over the past few decades, it was only a matter before enthusiasts tried to combine the two. The simple answer is yes, you can drift with air suspension as it allows for quick adjustability on each corner to fine-tune your suspension. 


  • Adjustable Ride Height
  • Fine Tuning Capabilities


  • Added Weight
  • Not Designed For Drifting

Is Air Suspension Ideal For Drifting?

Remember how we said the simple answer was yes, you can drift with air suspension? The more complicated answer is yes, but it is not the ideal suspension. While you can certainly have fun drifting in an air suspension-equipped vehicle, it is not ideal for drifting. Air suspension is best for lowering and raising a vehicle smoothly at the push of a button and is not designed for improving driving techniques. Does this mean you have to give up your drifting dreams because you have air suspension? Absolutely not. We know plenty of people who do some weekend drifting with air suspension, and their car does just fine. However, if you want to get serious about drifting and build a drift-spec vehicle, air suspension will probably not be a suspension system you will want to use. 

What Is Air Suspension Ideal For?

If air suspension is not ideal for drifting, what is it ideal for? Air suspension is a great system for those who want adjustable ride height at the push of a button. Air suspension is mostly used for cars built for show purposes or as an added level of enjoyment for car enthusiasts. These kits allow you to slam your car to the ground, get to a favorite ride height, and even raise up to get over speed bumps easily. It is the easiest to use, versatile suspension system on the market, and AccuAir has everything you need to build out the highest quality air suspension system for your vehicle. Check out our full selection of air suspension components to see how you can get your vehicle riding on air!

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