Can Air Suspension Be Used On Electric Vehicles?

With the future of our industry heading into a more electric future, this has everyone thinking about how an electric vehicle, EV, industry will look. Will we still be able to enjoy the same things we do today? Will the same mods we enjoy adding to our vehicles be relevant in the future? While we can speculate that cars will undoubtedly sound and look different, some aspects, such as suspension and wheels, won't change much. Today, we are going to look at whether or not air suspension can be used on electric vehicles to give you a better idea of what you can expect in the future.

The Rise Of Electric Vehicles

Over the past few decades, with legislative changes and a general outlook on climate control, the popularity of electric vehicles has quickly risen. You can thank Elon Musk and the Tesla team for making electric cars more attractive to car enthusiasts with their great designs and powerful powerplants. If there is one way to get car enthusiasts to make the move to EV, its looks, performance, and the ability to still tinker on them to make them our own. As time goes on, we believe that car manufacturers will make EVs more attractive to all consumers and we are eager to see what is in store.

Do Electric Vehicles Come With Air Suspension?

Air suspension is becoming more common on electric vehicles, but many still utilize conventional suspension systems. This is usually due to manufacturing cost, repair cost, and the maintenance that goes along with factory air suspension setups. The Tesla Model S, for example, is one of the only Teslas to come from the factory with air suspension. We can assume that air suspension will become standard on more electric vehicles as time passes, but until then, we here at AccuAir will provide you with the components to add air suspension to your EV.

Can You Add AccuAir Air Suspension To Electric Vehicles?

Adding AccuAir Suspension to an electric vehicle is no different than adding it to an internal combustion engine. The only thing that might differ is the wiring, as your electric vehicle may have different wiring setups and more complicated battery setups than ICE cars. You only need to look for the correct air suspension air struts for your vehicle. The rest of the setup is universal and can be added to any vehicle.

High-Quality Air Suspension Components From AccuAir

If you are ready to get your electric vehicle on air suspension, look no further than AccuAir. With a full team of air suspension experts and decades of industry experience, you can trust AccuAir to provide you with the highest quality air suspension components. For Tesla owners, you can check out our current selection of Tesla Air Struts and simply kit it with one of our easy-to-use air suspension starter kits. If you have any questions or want to know more about our air suspension selection, feel free to fill out our contact form to speak with one of our AccuAir air suspension experts.

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