Bimmerfest 2014

On May 17th, the AccuAir Suspension team set out to attend the 15th annual Bimmerfest event held at the Pasadena Rose Bowl. Anticipating another record year of attendance, our team was on site to step up it's promotion in the BMW arena and also display the newest addition of the AccuAir promotional vehicle lineup, a Liberty Walk wide-bodied E91 Touring Wagon known as #RicFlare. 

Flexing our "in-house" engineering muscle the team collaborated to build an air management system that is completely hidden from sight utilizing the roomy sub-floor area of the BMW E9x chassis. To say it was a BIG hit is an understatement and those who attended the event surely were aware of AccuAir's presence. Keep an eye out in the future for a version of this "drop-in" kit to available as an extension of the popular AccuAir Sport Kit lineup.

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