Air Bag Suspension Kits For Chevy Trucks

Chevy trucks are one of the most iconic vehicles of all time. From the early, old-school Chevrolet days to the newest, fully loaded Chevy trucks, it doesn’t get more American than a Chevy pickup truck. As with any popular platform, these trucks have been modded just about any way you can imagine them. One of the most common modifications when it comes to Chevy trucks is air suspension. Air suspension has found its way onto Chevy trucks from C10s to the latest models rolling off the assembly lines. Today, we are going to look at everything you need to know about airbag suspension kits for Chevy trucks.

Air Bag Suspension vs Helper Bags

When discussing air bag suspension for Chevy trucks, there are those who are looking to replace all of their factory suspension with air suspension to lower and raise their truck at the push of a button, and then there are those who simply want air bags to level out their truck when hauling a heavy load.

Air Bag Suspension Kits - Replaces the factory shocks, struts, and springs with air shocks to raise and lower the vehicle at the push of a button.

Helper Bags - Adds air bags below the bed of your truck to level out your truck when you are hauling or towing heavy loads. This allows your pinion angle to stay in check.

How To Add Air Suspension To A Chevy Truck

Adding air suspension to your Chevy truck is not as easy as switching out your factory shocks and struts for air struts. In order to get your truck laying lower, you will need to C-notch the frame and possibly swap out your front suspension for air suspension-ready components such as new spindles and shock relocation kits. You can purchase everything you need in an all-in-one kit or piece together everything you need with parts that you specifically choose.

What You Will Need

As far as a parts list goes, this is going to vary from year to year, and on some older trucks, you may want to set aside some extra money for unforeseen surprises such as rust and broken components. For the most basic air suspension kits for Chevy trucks, you will need:

How Much Does It Cost To Put Air Suspension On A Truck?

Calculating the cost of adding air suspension to your truck will rely heavily on what your goals are for the truck. For those who are wanting just a standard air suspension kit, you can expect to spend a few thousand on parts and then up to around $1,000 or so for installation, depending on the shop doing the installation. For those who are needing a more custom installation such as a classic truck with upgraded suspension components and bodywork, you can add a few thousand dollars to your overall cost.

Do Air Bags Make A Truck Ride Better?

Air bags are one of the most comfortable suspension setups you can add to your Chevy truck. Switching over to lowering springs or coilovers can give you better performance over factory, but you will sacrifice ride quality on most kits when compared to factory. Air suspension gives you both great performance and a better than factory ride. Since you will be riding on air and not a metal coil spring, your suspension will feel much softer when aired up.

Air Bag Suspension Kits For Chevy Trucks

Is Air Suspension Any Good?

Air suspension is one of the best suspension systems you can add to your car or truck. It allows for instant adjustability to allow you to get over speed bumps, fit into low clearance places, and get the perfect stance at any time. A properly maintained air suspension system can last for the life of the car or truck, giving you a long-lasting suspension kit.

Chevy Truck Air Bag Suspension Kits From AccuAir

When it comes to bagging your Chevy truck, trust the experts at AccuAir Suspension to supply you with the highest-quality parts available. From the most advanced air tanks in the industry to the highest-tech management systems, AccuAir is going to have everything you need to get your Chevy truck on air. Give us a call today or fill out our contact form to get started.

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