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When you think of off-road vehicles or 4x4 vehicles, you think of lift kits, large tires, and body lifts. These are the go-to mods for most people who plan on taking their 4x4 vehicles off-road. With advancements in suspension technology, air suspension has made an entrance into the 4x4 community. AccuAir is proud to offer 4x4 air suspension systems for select vehicles.

AccuAir Offroad

Is Air Suspension Good For Off-Road?

Air suspension is actually great for off-roading as it allows you to raise and lower your vehicle on demand to tackle any trail. With the rough-terrain nature of, well nature, having air suspension can help absorb a lot of the bumps and shocks you would normally feel with other suspension types. You can also minimize damage to your vehicle and offer a more enjoyable ride to your passengers.

Is Air Suspension Good For 4x4?

Air suspension has been used in hauling applications for quite some time to help reduce body squat when hauling heavy loads. Using airbags to level out a truck with a heavy load reduces the strain on drivetrain components and helps to reduce vibrations. In 4x4 applications when off-roading or crossing over rough terrain, air suspension helps to keep your ride comfortable and allow for the ability to lift your vehicle to overcome obstacles.

Can I Put Air Suspension On My Jeep?

AccuAir is proud to announce the release of air suspension kits for 2018+ Jeep Wranglers. Offering 8” of travel, 2” below and 6” above stock, you can get the best of both worlds from your Jeep. Wanting a certain look for the street while still being able to have a lifted suspension when taking things off-road? AccuAir has you covered with Jeep air suspension kits that include everything you need to convert your factory suspension to air suspension. Be on the lookout for Ford Bronco air suspension kits coming in 2022.

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