AccuAir iLevel Module Unveiled

It is with great fervor that AccuAir is proud to announce that iLevel is live in the Apple App Store and the iLevel Modules are now officially shipping.  The following is a behind the scenes look of exactly what's involved with the iLevel Module.

First, we start off with the circuit board, or the "brains" of the iLevel Module.  Not only does this circuit board process the standard functions associated with our e-Level Touchpad, but it also emits a dedicated and password protected WiFi signal up to 100 feet.

The iLevel circuit board is then wired and harnessed with connectors to seamlessly integrate between the e-Level ECU and e-Level Touchpad and/or Rocker Switch.

Once harnessed, the iLevel Module receives its own enclosure that is 100% weather sealed, ensuring protection from the elements when mounted under a vehicle. This is accomplished through a rubber seal resting between the top and bottom of the enclosure as well as strain-relief for the rubber pass-throughs.

The iLevel Module is then completed with the top of its enclosure, distinctly labeled with the iLevel logo for both appeal and clarity.

As with any AccuAir product, each iLevel Module is thoroughly tested for 100% functionality before it's given confirmation of quality assurance prior to shipment.

Once our Quality Control Manager has given his approval, the iLevel Module is neatly packaged and labeled to await it's permanent home within your e-Level Management System.  Once the iLevel Module is installed, you simply download the AccuAir iLevel app for free in the Apple App Store and wireless control of your e-Level Management is yours to enjoy.

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