Rotiform Boss R8 Extra

Nestled nice and high somewhere above Austria, Rotiform’s #BossR8 defy’s gravity. Anthony Anderson captures an ultimate juxtaposition between tremendous heights and extreme lows with his photographs of this astounding Audi. The Prior Design Wide Body R8 wears an interpretation of a classic BMW racing livery while sitting upon Rotiform CCV’s. 

#BossR8 was able to reach the summit above Lake Worthersee thanks to the collaborative efforts of the AccuAir e-Level Air Management System and HP Drivetech air struts built on Bilstein ClubSports. It is rare to see such a high quality build in a setting of this magnitude. With air suspension, this seemingly show car has the range of freedom to explore all the treacherous roads our world has to offer. Where will we see #BossR8 next? I’m hoping for everest!

If you would like to see more of the #BossR8, Click Here to watch Rotiform's Feature Video!

Photography: Anthony Anderson