ENDO Tanks

All air suspension air tanks are not built the same. Air tanks come in multiple sizes, shapes, and finishes. You can choose from 3 gallon and 5 gallon tanks, long and shorts tanks, and steel or aluminum. The size of the tank you are going to need will depend on how much air you use. As for the shape of the tank, you will want something that fits your specific needs for the area you are mounting it. Lastly, the construction of the tank will ultimately affect the cost and while steel tanks are cheaper, they are prone to rusting from the inside out due to moisture in the tank.

At AccuAir, we believe that quality is king and our air suspension tanks are just one of the many examples of this motto. Each of our air tanks are built from high quality aluminum and pressure tested to meet our highest standards. We also believe in modular solutions when it comes to our air tanks, so our ENDO lineup provides upgradable components to fit just about every need.

Our ENDO tanks are built with bolt-on, removable end caps that allow you to easily upgrade from the basic ENDO-T tank to a ENDO-CVT tank when you are ready. The ENDO-T tank is our most cost-effective option and is a high-quality air tank that allows you to upgrade your current air tank or help build a budget air suspension system. If you are looking for a more all-in-one solution that can condense down your air suspension setup, the ENDO-CVT has your valves and compressor built in for an easier setup, less clutter, and a quieter operation.