Air Suspension Accessories


All air suspension systems are composed of many different parts both big and small. From Air suspension management systems down to the smallest of fittings. While we here at AccuAir are always innovating and developing the latest and greatest air suspension technology, we also supply the air suspension accessories needed to install, repair, or maintain your system to ensure it is running its best at all times. Air suspension accessories come in many shapes and sizes as these systems can be very intricate. Our vast selection of accessories should give you everything you need to get your kit installed or make any needed repairs. Air suspension fittings are some of the most popular accessories that are needed to complete air suspension systems. With the complexity and customization of air systems in all types of vehicles, a variety of different fittings may be needed that did not come with your kit. AccuAir offers many different fittings to fit your needs and allow for you to make your system look and perform at its best. AccuAir also offers ⅜” airline that is DOT approved to allow for installation or custom routing where more airline is needed. This kit can also be used if you are piecing together a custom air suspension kit where air lines were not included. If you are wanting an all in one airline and fitting kit, check out our ⅜” DOT/PTC fitting kit that will give you all of the airline and NPT fittings you need for air springs. An aluminum filter/trap is included in this kit. Within our air suspension accessories, you will also find useful hardware for our ENDO air tanks such as our hardware kit, our ENDO mount EC bracket, and our ENDO Mount 480cc Compressor Bracket. These accessories make mounting our ENDO tanks easier and much cleaner to your trunk or truck bed. Don’t forget your ENDO PTC fitting repair kit! Whatever accessories you may be needing for your air suspension kit, AccuAir has the solution. Shop out accessories for air suspension today to start, finish, or repair the air suspension system on your vehicle today!

What Accessories Do I Need For Air Suspension?

When adding air ride suspension to your vehicle, there are two ways you can go about it. You can purchase a full air suspension kit with everything you need all in one kit, or you can piece it together to get the exact components you want for your specific build.

How Much Air Line Do I Need For Air Suspension?

When piecing together your air suspension kit, you are going to need air line to connect all of your components together. The air line carries compressed air throughout your system and is made from durable materials to withstand the elements when routed on the exterior of your vehicle. Whether you are purchasing an all-in-one kit or buying air line separately, you will usually get 50 feet of line. This is more than enough to do most vehicles and will allow you to have some extra in most cases.

Where Can I Purchase Replacement AccuAir Harnesses?

If you need to replace a harness for your AccuAir air suspension components, you can purchase direct replacement harnesses directly from AccuAir. We carry replacement harnesses for many of our air suspension components to ensure you have what you need to replace a damaged harness easily.

Do I Need A Moisture Trap?

A moisture trap, also known as a filter, is a component installed on your air suspension system to keep moisture from entering your system. As your system generates compressed air, this air becomes warm. As it cools down in your air tank, it can create condensation and moisture. This can lead to rust in steel tanks and damage to electrical components. For those in colder climates, moisture can also lead to freezing air lines. A moisture trap helps to filter out any moisture to maintain your system easily.  

What Is An Air Ride Suspension Muffler?

An air ride suspension muffler is a device that is installed on the vacuum manifold to help quiet the sound of air releasing from your system. As you air down, air must be let out of your air bag to lower the vehicle. As this happens, air can be heard releasing from the manifold, creating the famous air suspension sound we have all come to love. If you want to quiet your system when airing down, these mufflers are a great way to do so.