Volkswagen Jetta Air Suspension - Everything You Will Need

Whether you have always been a fan of the Volkswagen Jetta or found a new love for them after watching the first Fast and The Furious movie, these vehicles have become a staple in the aftermarket car community. Dating back to the late 70s, the Jetta has seen 7 generations of revisions worldwide. The Jetta has become increasingly popular in the aftermarket, which some may attribute to Jessie and his Dad’s white A3, but even before he lost his pink slip to Johnny Tran, car enthusiasts were throwing the book at Jettas of all year models.

Volkswagen Jetta Air Suspension - Everything You Will Need

One of the most popular modifications for the Jetta is air suspension. Today, we are going to look at what it takes to bag a Jetta and what parts you need for a bagged VW Jetta.

Do Volkswagen Jettas Have Air Suspension?

From the factory, Jettas did not have air suspension, but they did have a sportier suspension than most commuter cars. Volkswagen knew their market for the Jetta would be someone looking for a sporty sedan, but it wasn’t until the aftermarket started producing parts that Jetta owners had the option of adding air suspension.

What Do I Need To Add Air Suspension To My Volkswagen Jetta?

When it comes to adding air suspension to your Volkswagen Jetta, you are going to need to choose between purchasing an all-in-one Jetta air suspension kit that comes ready to install or piecing together your own kit. Piecing together a kit may seem like more work, but you will get to choose your own high-quality components to build a more custom kit.

Air Compressor

Starting at the beginning of the system where your air suspension starts its first function is the air compressor. The air compressor’s job is to compress air and send it to the air tank in order to allow you to have compressed air to use when you need it. Many enthusiasts are going to utilize two compressors to allow for quick operation. AccuAir has made this easier for you to purchase with a VIAIR Dual 485C air compressor kit.

Air Tank

Once the air gets compressed in the air compressor, it is sent to the air suspension air tank to be stored. Air tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your specific application. AccuAir manufactures some of the highest quality air tanks on the market. Our ENDO air suspension air tanks allow tanks to be built modularly with all precision machined aluminum components and a bolted construction. This provides a weld-free and leak-free tank. The aluminum body also prevents rust from forming when moisture is present in your air tank.

Air Lines

In order to get the air from your compressor to the air tank, from the air tank to the manifold, and from the manifold to the air struts, you are going to need air lines. Air lines are like the veins for your air suspension system. Their job is to carry the air to each component and will run in and out of your vehicle, depending on your suspension setup. AccuAir offers the highest quality air suspension air lines available with everything you need to get it installed.

Valve Manifold

The valve manifold in air suspension systems is an electronically controlled component that opens and closes valves to deliver air to each air strut, or “corner.” Most valve manifolds are manufactured out of aluminum and house electronic solenoids, valves, and fittings to easily install your air lines. When choosing a valve manifold, you are going to be presented with two different options - 2 corners and 4 corners. A 2 corner valve manifold is going to be used in a rear or front only kit where you only have two air struts. A 4 corner valve manifold, as you may have guessed, controls 4 valve manifolds or a full air suspension kit.

Management System

An air suspension management system is going to be what allows you to control the entire air suspension. AccuAir is an industry leader when it comes to air suspension management. Offering some of the latest and innovative technology, AccuAir allows you to choose air management solutions that include wireless, Bluetooth, and programmable features. This will allow you to control your air suspension system from your phone in most cases.

Air Struts

The last necessary piece of your air suspension system is going to be air struts. Air struts replace your factory shocks and struts and will allow you to lower and raise your vehicle via air. Instead of the conventional shock and spring combination, air struts feature rubber bladders that inflate with air to raise your vehicle and deflate to lower your vehicle. AccuAir offers a variety of air suspension air struts for you to choose from.

Water Traps/Filters

Since air suspension systems compress air via air compressors, you will need to maintain your system to prevent condensation buildup. Having moisture in your air system can cause rust in steel air suspension tanks, cause exposed air lines to freeze in the winter, and destroy other major components of your system. Installing a water trap or water filter is an easy way to ensure your air lines and air suspension components stay free of water and moisture, especially for those who live in areas where temperatures get below freezing.

Ride Height Sensors

While they are not a necessity in order to get a functioning air suspension system on your Jetta, ride height sensors are certainly going to make your life a lot easier. Ride height sensors are sensors that mount on your vehicle to measure exactly where your vehicle is in relation to the ground, giving you real-time metrics on how high or low your vehicle is. This also allows for you to pre-set heights for one-touch ride height adjustments. This eliminates the need to constantly pulse your system to get to your desired height.

Air Suspension Management For Volkswagen Jetta

If you are ready to take your Jetta to the next level, AccuAir can help supply you with the best air suspension components available. With a large catalog of high-quality air suspension components, our team can help you build the best Jetta air suspension kit that meets your budget and functional needs. Give us a call today or shoot us an email to talk to one of our air suspension specialists.

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