Volkswagen Golf Air Suspension Guide

Since the middle 1970s, Volkswagen has been producing the Golf as a compact car or small family car. Like any affordable vehicle, the Golf quickly gained a niche following within the car community. Volkswagen has always had a presence in the aftermarket, but the Golf brought in a new generation of enthusiasts. One of the more popular mods for the Volkswagen Golf is air suspension. Air suspension allows Golf owners to adjust their suspension at the push of a button. Today, we will examine which components you need to outfit your Golf with air.

Volkswagen Golf Air Suspension Guide

Do Volkswagen Golfs Have Air Suspension

Unfortunately, the Volkswagen Golf did not come with air suspension from the factory. While the Golf saw a few different setups throughout the past few decades, one thing remained the same; they used traditional shocks, springs, and struts in each vehicle. This does not mean you can’t add air suspension, and we here at AccuAir offer everything you need to make the swap.

What Do I Need To Add Air Suspension To My Volkswagen Golf?

You will need a few components to add air suspension to your Volkswagen Golf. While you can take a shortcut, purchase one of our air suspension kits, and add a set of Volkswagen Golf air sturts, you can piece together your own kit using the below parts.

Air Compressor

Your air suspension system will use compressed air to raise and lower your vehicle. For your system to get compressed air, you will need one or two air suspension air compressors to take in the surrounding air and compress it.

Air Tank

The air tank in your air suspension system is used to store compressed air to allow you to use in your system at any time. Once your air tank fills, your compressor will shut off until your air tank runs low on air, at which time your air compressor will kick back on, restarting the process. Air suspension tanks will usually be available in 3 or 5 gallon fuel tank and AccuAir offers ENDO tanks, one of the best air tanks on the market.

Air Lines

Since you need to get this compressed air to each component, you will need air line to make this happen. Air suspension air line is made from ABS to withstand the elements and allow you to connect each air suspension component for quick air delivery easily. 

Valve Manifold

An air suspension valve manifold is a block with electronically controlled valves that open and close at the push of a button. These valve meter the air being delivered to each air strut. These manifolds will require an electrical connection and are operated by your air management system. 

Management System

A good air suspension kit will require a great air management system. An air management system controls your entire system and allows you to easily adjust your ride height at the push of a button. AccuAir offers some of the best air suspension management kits in the industry. 

Air Struts/Shocks

As the only part in your air suspension system that is vehicle-specific, air struts will need to be purchased carefully to ensure they fit correctly. Air struts will replace your factory shocks and struts and replace them with similar components, but instead of coil springs, they will have rubber bladders that inflate and deflate with air to raise and lower your vehicle.

Volkswagen Golf Air Suspension Kits At AccuAir

If you are ready to take your Volkswagen Golf to the next level, literally, AccuAir can help get you the best air suspension system available. With a large catalog of high-quality air suspension components, our team can help you build the best VW Golf air suspension kit that meets your budget and functional needs. Give us a call today or shoot us an email to talk to one of our air suspension specialists.

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