Super Duper Ford GT

The original Ford GT40 was a engineering miracle that put Ferrari in its place back in the 60's. The "40" in the name is a direct reference to the sleek roofline coming in at a limbo low measurement of 40 inches tall. 51 years later, the crew at Gas Monkey Garage collaborated with AccuAir suspension to go even lower. This 2005 Ford GT, an updated version of the classic GT40, rests its roofline at a ridiculous 38 inches. That is low enough to trip over if you aren't paying attention! The combination of crazy aspirations, hard work and skill from the monkeys paired with precision engineering and advanced technology from AccuAir's e-Level gave this Super Duper GT new life throughout the chassis. The 800 Wheel Horse beast can be seen smoking up the Dallas streets and also on display at this years SEMA Show in the AccuAir Booth, #21201. Stop on by and see this this thing for yourself!

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