Nissan 350Z Air Suspension

The 350Z was a huge win for Nissan as enthusiasts flocked to the sporty, ready-to-mod sports car. Built with performance in mind, Nissan made the 350Z appeal to both enthusiasts and those looking for a sporty daily driver. While many 350Zs have found their way into the drifting scene, those who want a show-stopping, award-winning car are choosing air suspension. Today, we are going to show you everything you need to build your own Nissan 350Z air suspension kit. 


Does the Nissan 350Z Have Air Suspension?

From the factory, the Nissan 350Z did not have air suspension, but it did have a finely-tuned, sporty suspension. Featuring coil springs, shocks, and struts, the 350Z stock suspension was built with a lower stance and ready to take on some spirited driving. However, this was a static setup, so those who wanted adjustable suspension needed to upgrade.

What Do I Need To Add Air Suspension To My Nissan 350Z?

If you are looking to add air suspension to your Nissan 350Z, you are going to need to either purchase a complete, ready-to-install kit or put together your own kit using the high-quality components of your choosing. This article outlines everything you need to help you build the best Nissan 350Z air suspension kit available. 

Air Compressor

When looking at your air suspension setup from the first step in the process, you will have 1 or 2 air compressors that supply air to your system. The air compressors compress air from the surrounding area to be used throughout your air suspension kit. AccuAir is proud to offer the best air suspension air compressors in the business - VIAIR. 

Air Tank

Once your compressors compress air, they send it directly to the air tank. Your air suspension air tank stores your compressed air until it is ready to be used. This allows you to have all of the air you need to use your air suspension system at any given moment. These tanks are available in 3 and 5-gallon tank sizes and are usually cylindrical in shape. AccuAir manufactures some of the best air tanks in the industry and offers various configurations in the ENDO air tank line.

Air Lines

In order to get your air from component to component, you will need air lines. For most kits, we suggest purchasing a 50ft roll of ABS air line for a high-quality airline setup that can withstand all of the elements in and outside of your vehicle. 

Valve Manifold

The valve manifold in an air suspension system houses electronic valves that open and close to release air to your air struts. These valves are controlled by your air management system and can be found in 2-corner and 4-corner configurations, depending on your specific setup. The valve manifold is mounted in between the air tank and the air struts.

Management System

The air management system is your control system for your air suspension system. AccuAir offers the most technologically advanced air suspension management systems in the industry and includes features such as Bluetooth and height memory. You can choose from a basic kit that allows for standard functionality or upgrade to a kit that will make operating your kit easier than ever.

Air Struts

Air struts are replacement struts for your factory shock/strut/spring setup. Instead of a coil spring, these shocks feature rubber bladders that inflate with air to raise the vehicle and deflate to lower the vehicle. Air struts are vehicle specific so you will need to make sure you get the correct air struts for your vehicle.

Water Traps/Filters

While not required on all systems, a water trap or filter is a great way to ensure that your air suspension system stays protected. Since compressed air can cause moisture, water droplets can get into your system, causing rust in steel tanks and damage to other components. These traps and filters help to catch the water before it makes it to your other components.

Ride Height Sensors

Ride height sensors are another component that is not required for an air suspension system to function, but they do make your life a lot easier. These sensors read the height level of your vehicle and allow you to preset various ride heights to get to your favorite height levels at the push of a button. No more pulsing your system to get to your favorite ride heights.

Air Suspension Management For Nissan 350Z

If you are looking to build an air suspension kit for your Nissan 350Z, look no further than AccuAir. Our team is dedicated to building the best air suspension components with the highest quality materials. Our team can help you build your own kit in order to get everything you need to bag your 350Z. Give us a call today or fill out our contact us form to get started!

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