Is Bagging Your Car Worth It?

When looking at your suspension options when modifying your vehicle, there are a few different options to choose from. You can choose from lowering springs, coil-overs, and air suspension to get the perfect stance on your vehicle. While lowering springs and coil-overs will give you a lowered look at a cheaper price, they both lack the versatility and adjustability that air suspension offers. Since air suspension is a more costly investment, many question whether bagging a car is worth it. Today, we will look at the average cost of an air suspension kit, the pros and cons of air suspension, and whether or not it's worth it to add it to your car.

Is Bagging Your Car Worth It?

How Much Does Air Suspension Cost?

Air suspension is the most expensive suspension option, but it also comes with more versatility. Air suspension kits can range in prices depending on brands, kit components, and the quality of the kits. Most air suspension systems are going to cost anywhere between $1,500 up to $5,000+. You can purchase an all-in-one kit that has been put together by a company, or purchase your items separately, which helps you to save money but costs you more time.

What Are The Goals Of Your Car?

In order to find out if bagging your car is worth it to you, it is important to think about the goals of your car. If you simply want a lowered look, springs and coil-overs may be a better, more affordable option. If you are wanting to raise and lower your vehicle at the touch of a button, air suspension is going to be worth it. Air suspension allows you to lower your vehicle to just about any height that your vehicle’s body and frame will allow, making it easy to get any height you want.

Air Suspension Pros & Cons

Air suspension, like any suspension system, has its pros and cons. Let’s take a quick look at air suspension’s advantages and disadvantages.

Air Suspension Pros

  • Live Height Adjustability
  • Allows You To Lay Frame In Some Cases
  • Can Dial In Your Perfect Stance
  • Ability to Adjust for Road Conditions

Air Suspension Cons

  • Can Be Costly
  • More Components That Can Fail
  • Will Require Some Maintenance

Air Suspension From AccuAir

So to answer the question of whether bagging your car is worth it, in most cases it is. The only exception is for those who simply just want to lower their vehicle. However, for those most interested in air suspension, bagging your car is worth it. While it may be a more expensive alternative to springs and coil-overs, you will never get tired or raising and lowering your vehicle to the perfect height. Sometimes you want to ride at stock ride height, and other times you may simply want to air out and lay frame at a car show.

If you are ready to bag your car, AccuAir is here to help. Offering high-quality air suspension components, AccuAir can help you every step of the way when piecing together your air suspension system. To get more information on bagging your car, fill out our online contact form.

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    I have my 49 Chevy pickup with Accuair set up and I love it, thank you Accuair for making such a good product, and great customer support.

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