Customer Spotlight: Bagged BMW F10

This customer spotlight comes all the way from Belgium, where modifying your vehicle to certain lengths is illegal. As a Belgium car enthusiast, you must keep your modification subtle to fly under the radar and not draw the attention of local authorities. This drives most enthusiasts toward an OEM+ look for wheels and adjustable air suspension to get a lower ride height only when it's needed. You will surely get law enforcement's attention with flashy wheels and lowering springs. This beautiful F10 is a great example of how you can tastefully modify your vehicle to stand out from the crowd but still fly under the radar.

About The Car

The BMW F10 is the sedan version of the 5 Series that was made from 2011-2017. It features some styling cues from the E90 but with a more upscale look. The F10 quickly drew the attention of car enthusiasts as they quickly saw what could be done with the car while still having great BMW amenities.

This particular F10 is black in color and features subtle exterior mods, a clean set of BC forged wheels and an AccuAir e-Level air suspension system. These mods came together perfectly to give the F10 an OEM+ look.

Air Suspension Setup

This kit includes:

  • e+ Connect: Bluetooth switch box standalone or the base of e-Level+ when paired with e+ Height. Includes ECU+, Harnesses, Tank Pressure Sensor and Hardware
  • e+ Height (4-Corner): Upgrades e+ Connect to e-Level+ with the addition of preset heights. Includes Height Sensors, Harnesses and Hardware
  • e+ TouchPad: Connects to e+ECU for a hardwired interface
  • ENDO Valve-Tank - 4-Corner, 5-gal Bolted Alum Air Tank w/ Raw Finish
  • 3/8" DOT/PTC Fitting Kit: (50 ft) 3/8” D.O.T. Nylon Airline; (1) FT-E-38TF14PM; (4) FT-E-38TF-38PM; (1) FT-S-38TF14PM; (1) LOC-565-6ml
  • Compressor Power Kit
  • VIAIR 485C Air Compressor (Dual Pack) - Stealth Black

About e-Level

As one of the most highly anticipated next-generation air suspension controllers, AccuAir’s e-Level+ ECU Upgrade allows you to take your air suspension system to the next level. AccuAir’s e+ Connect kit will allow you to have wireless control over your air suspension system through the e+ Level app. This kit will include the e+ Connect ECU+, wireless switch box, and the e-Level+ app. The system is the standard for our Starter, Premium, and Ultimate Packages and is a great way for you to manage your air suspension system.

BMW Air Suspension From AccuAir

If you want to add air suspension to your F10, or any BMW for that matter, trust the experts at AccuAir to help you get the best kit for your vehicle. Our team is happy to help you select the finishing touches to your kit or piece together a full system for your BMW.

AccuAir is an industry-leading air suspension manufacturer and the quality of our products shows it. We invest heavily in research and development to provide you with the best possible product for your vehicle.

If you want to get more information on a BMW air suspension kit, give us a call or fill out our contact form. Our team will be happy to assist you.

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