Air Suspension Management - What You Will Need

No air suspension system is complete without an air suspension management system. There are many different air management systems available and many can be upgraded to really take your kit to the next level. Today, we are going to look at what an air management system is and AccuAir’s various offerings to easily and accurately control your air suspension system.

Air Suspension Management - What You Will Need | AccuAir Suspension

What Is A Management Kit For Air Suspension?

The management system is what controls your air suspension and adjusts the pressure in your bags to lower or raise your vehicle. This usually consists of an ECU control box and a controller. Most budget kits are going to utilize a wired controller that can be mounted on your dash or console for easy access when inside your vehicle. On higher-end kits and upgraded components, you can utilize wireless controllers or a smartphone app to control your system from outside the vehicle.

What Will I Need To Manage My Air Suspension System?

The most common question that we get here at AccuAir is: “What will I need to manage my air suspension system?” This is going to depend on a few different factors including what you want to be able to do, what your budget is, and what type of features you would like to upgrade to. For those on a budget, the e+ Connect kit provides a great bang for your buck. If price is not a factor and you are wanting the best that money can buy, you can look at getting the e-Level+ or many other upgrades available such as Height+ and Touchpad+.

AccuAir e-Level+ ECU Upgrade

AccuAir’s e-Level+ system is one of the most popular height-based management systems currently on the market. This system allows for 3 programmable height presets to give you quick and accurate leveling to your pre-desired heights. If you want to control each corner individually, you will also have this ability through the app or with a physical controller. With the e+ app, you can easily monitor your air tank pressure with the included pressure sensor. This e-Level+ system from AccuAir comes with just about everything you need to manage your air suspension system.

AccuAir e+ Connect Wireless Controller

If you are looking for an entry-level control system that is simple while offering smartphone capabilities, the e+ Connect wireless controller is a great choice. This wireless switch box allows for you to use the e+ app to wirelessly control your air suspension system and it can also be upgraded later down the road to the full e-Level+ system. You can add great upgrades such as Height+ sensors and a TouchPad+ controller to get even more convenience and performance from this kit.

While this kit is a very simple way to get convenient air system management, you will need a few other components to finish up your install, like a manifold such as the AccuAir VU4 4 corner manifold to control the air in your system. If you are wanting a cleaner setup and an all-in-one solution, check out our ENDO-VT air tank which has the valve integrated into the tank.

Height+ Upgrade

If you are wanting to get your vehicle to a certain height for parking, driving, or racing, you can do so by utilizing AccuAir’s Height+ TruPosition Height Sensors. These Height+ sensors provide accurate leveling regardless of load. You can pre-program 3 heights for lowered, ride height, and raised. These sensors allow you to get straight to the height you prefer without having to pulse your valves for quick and easy adjustments. These sensors can be added on to your kit and come standard in our Ultimate and Premium air suspension packages. You can add this kit to your existing e+ Connect system to transform your e-level+ system into a height-based air management system. Use the e+ app to see real time height data sent straight from the sensors to your phone.

TouchPad+ Upgrade

AccuAir’s patented TouchPad+ is the latest technology in air suspension management. This touchpad allows you to easily control your air suspension from the palm of your hand. Taking a closer look at the TouchPad+, you will notice that you can easily adjust your air suspension system in multiple ways. If you have height sensors installed, you can use the 1, 2, and 3 buttons to automatically adjust your ride height to the predetermined height setup with your Height+ upgrade. If you are wanting to adjust each corner individually, you can use the up and down buttons on the right side of the controller. Within these buttons, you can have a dual up or down adjustment to lower or raise the front or rear at once. The TouchPad+ allows you to take your e-Level+ system to the next level while giving you an aesthetically pleasing controller to mount in your vehicle. If you are wanting the best of the best when it comes to air suspension management controllers, choose the TouchPad+ from AccuAir.

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