Accuair & Vossen Bag A 2021 Bronco

As one of the highest-anticipated cars of the past couple of years, the Ford Bronco has made quite the impact with its return in 2021. With a wide variety of trim levels and options to choose from, Ford did a great job appealing to the old-school Bronco fans and the younger drivers who want a sporty SUV.

Accuair & Vossen Bag A 2021 Bronco

This new Bronco came loaded up with great features, but just like any other vehicle, there was plenty left on the table to modify to really make the Bronco unique to each driver’s style. Now when you think of modifying a Bronco, most start looking up bigger tires, lift kits, and aftermarket wheels. While this is the route most take, some take the road less traveled.

Being the trendsetters that they are, the teams at Vossen and AccuAir teamed up to flip the Bronco world on its head with the world’s first bagged Ford Bronco. You heard that right, air suspension on a new Ford Bronco. While this was enough to make purists' heads spin, they paired it up with a set of Vossen Hybrid Forged 6 Lug wheels to finish off the killer look.

Before you start questioning how we got a Bronco to lay frame, rest assured, it's not that type of scenario. This bagged Bronco simply utilizes the air suspension to raise up to a higher than stock position and lower to slightly tuck the 20” wheels and 35” Toyo tires.

If you were at the SEMA show in 2021, you most likely saw this Bronco on full display. Vossen took the Bronco out to the Vegas desert to snap some photos and capture some epic video, showcasing the AccuAir system in motion.

Check out the photos below (@kfletchphotography) to see how the bagged Bronco sat.

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