AccuAir Suspension Launches New Pressure+ Upgrade Kit

Pressure+ upgrade allows for pressure-based control to inflate and deflate airbags to certain pressure settings
  • Easier to install and less expensive alternative to height sensors
  • System works with the e+ ECU and also the ePlus app
Merritt Island, Fla. – (Oct. 28, 2021) – AccuAir Suspension, maker of next generation air suspension control products, has launched its new Pressure+ upgrade product, which provides pressure-based control to inflate and deflate airbags to certain pressure settings. E-commerce product sales are now available for both dealers and direct-to-consumer.

Similar to Height+ sensors, the Pressure+ upgrade allows for pressure-based control within the ePlus app (App Store, or Google Play Store). This system uses the e+ ECU and can be enabled in the advanced settings in the ePlus app.

“You asked and we delivered,” said Ryan Rutledge, AccuAir Suspension’s director of controls. “While some of our customers want the more accurate method of getting to ride height that the Height+ kit provides, as well as the ability to adjust for changes in load, other customers wanted an option that was easier to install, and our new Pressure+ kit delivers.”

The new Pressure+ kit has less moving components and is several hundred dollars less expensive than Height+, but uses the same straight-to-target adjustment style as the height-based kit.

Features of the new Pressure+ kit include:
  • Shows individual spring pressure
  • Requires a pressure-based calibration to be performed from the app
  • Used in conjunction with a pressure sensor kit
  • Uses the same Touchpad+
  • Can easily be used with VU4 using ¼ NPT to ⅛ NPT reducers
  • Can easily be used with ENDO-VT or any other manifold by placing pressure sensor tee inline between valve and springs

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About AccuAir Suspension
AccuAir Suspension delivers next generation air suspension control for automotive applications. This iconic company designs and manufactures one of the most accurate air suspension controllers in the world. The technological innovations AccuAir Suspension builds into its products allow end users to drive comfortably and consistently, knowing that the core of every AccuAir system has been proven on more than 40,000 vehicles over 10 years. Easy to use, easy to install, and industry trusted since 2001. AccuAir Suspension is a brand of Arnott LLC, the global leader in aftermarket replacement air suspension products for luxury cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles. For more information about AccuAir products, visit the AccuAir Website.

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