AccuAir Zero Compromise Story

Nestled quietly in the hills of Central Coast California, AccuAir Suspension has emerged as a leader in air suspension technology. This didn't happen overnight and the successes have come with risk, loss, and lots of reward. This is our story. Watch the video above for an inside look into our world at AccuAir Suspension!

The arsenal eGarage brought was massive. From  unmanned aerial vehicles to every variation of tripod you could imagine. They were prepared to capture any and every moment of greatness that lay before them.

After a traditional Thursday morning bagel breakfast at AccuAir, The hard work begins and the story slowly unfolds.

Anticipation is a foe that strikes the strongest of us. Reno awaits his moment of glory while trying to keep a clean mind for the information to flow freely into the cameras.

Without Alex, there would  have been no order, no control. Just cameras, cars and chaos.

Dustin's interview  followed. The brothers breathe truth into the microphones and give our story a backbone to grow from.

The team reviews the footage in preparation to move forward with filming. Hard work is masked with humor and boy were we laughing a lot.

With the foundation in place, the eGarage team is on the move to grab the best of b-roll.

Kevin is the aviation master, if not for his expertise  behind the remote controller our film would be bound to land and lacking the freedom that only the skies can provide. Indoors, outdoors, even gale force winds couldn't keep this guy out of the sky.

The all important "Hero" shot with absolutely everyone involved to create the most dynamic closeups.

Nic is our visionary. A philosopher of film. Well spoken and deadly accurate, He has grabbed this story from the nether and brought it forth into a tangible format that us mere mortals can comprehend. 

We head out towards the ocean in order to grab our money shots. The men and their machines couldn't help but race their cars around the perfect corners of the central coast.

Edward is our cinematography mastermind. The shots he was able to immortalize belong on the silver screen along with the best of visual artists. He creates a world that you could only dream of living in with his fantastic compositions and silky smooth scenes.

The sun was setting and the engines were revving.

Corner carving with glidecams and  copters. This is what dreams are made of.

"I'm gonna hit the brakes, he'll fly right by us." - Pete "Maverick" Mitchell

Money Shot in the Making.

As the day ends our squad is left with a bunch of happy faces. Mission Accomplished!